How to submit your podcast to the JayZoModcast Network

The JayZoModcast Network are looking for five new podcasts to showcase! Are a part of the JayZoModcast Network your show will be added into our five days a week mix and broadcasted all over the internet (via website, itunes, Stitcher and Others). We are currently looking for all genres, as long as the listeners want to hear you talk about it, we'll continue to have a spot open for you! Good Luck and Happy Podcasting!

The Rules
  • First and foremost, NO hate filled material! No racist, sexist or disability stuff! EVER!
  • Second biggy is NO copyrighted material, up to and including audio and video. You do own it, then don't use it!
  • Please, NO multiple entries. One submission is enough.

    How To Submit

    Send your podcast via email with an attached MP3 file, or a link to a down-loadable MP3 file to

    Files should:

  • Be NO more than 70 minutes
  • Be NO less than 45 minutes
  • Have NO background music
  • Be able to hear you clearly
  • Possibly have an intro tune

    Things to Think About Before Submitting
  • ALL shows on the JayZoModcast Network are on a WEEKLY schedule
  • You should have received a moderate edit before sending it to our producer.
  • ALL New shows will begin without offering a premium download option until 52 shows are completed

    Final Thoughts
  • Be sure to have to following clearly labeled in your submission email.
  • Name of the podcast
  • Name of the people in the podcast
  • A description of the overall show
  • A description of the episode
  • A link where the podcast can be found online.