The End: Story Two
End of the Line Part Two

By: David K. Montoya

The Unlucky gave us a disturbing smile. As he got up from the desk I asked him how was it possible that he was able to speak? No other Unlucky that I knew of was able to communicate. The beast walked up to us; it looked like an average Unlucky other than its eyes. They were yellow and orange, but the focus, it was different. There was something there—cognitive thought, not a blank stare that all of the other Unluckys had.

He explained that his name was Baxter Carter; he was exiled to Corpseland after learning that “the sickness” had contaminated him like so many others before him. Baxter said that he hoped that his transformation into a mindless zombie–like creature would finish soon, because the illness was slowly driving him mad. But that transformation never came. Although his body had changed into an Unlucky, his mind never did. Carter wandered Corpseland alone; there was no one like him. He came to the school some years back and turned it into his home, as well as restoring the electricity throughout the town.

Over time, Baxter learned that he could communicate with the other Unluckys. He was surprised to find out that the beasts had their own language. Words were replaced with hisses and moans. Carter had convinced the community of Unluckys that he was a higher being. From then on they did everything Carter commanded. It was like being the king of a small country; he was the ruler of hell and had started to think of himself as the devil.

Just as he was getting used to his new life and was beginning to forget about his old one, he received a surprise from his past. His son Douglas arrived in the town. Come to find out, like his father, Douglas too had contracted the sickness. His mother drew him a map of how to get to Corpseland, as well as one of the town itself and then sent him on his way to find Carter, which was exactly what he had done.

Douglas recognized Carter right away, and the boy's father welcomed him with open arms. The two had restored most of the administrative floor before Douglas fell ill. Baxter always believed that his son would become a hybrid creature like himself, but the boy had not. The plague took his life the previous week. Carter went to go wake up his son one morning, but when he arrived the hybrid monster found his child lifeless. Douglas was snuggled up in his sleeping bad and looked like he was fast asleep. He decided that the room his son dies in would become his mausoleum; Carter readied his son for the afterlife and sealed the room to never be opened again.

I then realized that the boy Richard and I found earlier was Carter's son. Baxter went on to say that after the loss of his son, he himself sealed everyone from the outside world from getting inside Corpseland. Baxter was told by the other Unluckys that we had busted into the town and he knew that I would be coming for the keys after learning about the battle with that monster in the courtyard.

I asked Carter why didn't he leave Corpseland to go look for a cure or any help for that matter. He explained that it was his destiny to be there in Ely, for reasons Baxter believed were from a higher power.

The professor asked the creature how did we come into play with this whole thing? Baxter walked back to the large desk and sat down, placing a set of keys in the center.

He said that we were the first group of normal people he had seen, besides his son, since he came to Ely. Baxter wanted us to stay there with him and promised that none of the Unluckys would harm us.

It was Richard's turn to interrupt our host by demanding the keys. He threatened Baxter, saying we would take them by force, which caused the creature to break an evil smile. Carter reached out and grabbed the keys only to pull them back to him. He said that he had a deal to make us. Baxter explained that if we could defeat him in a fight, the keys would be ours. But, if he were to be the victor, all of us would remain in Ely until the end of our days.

As I was about to speak, he interrupted by telling us that it would be between him and I, with no help. If any of the others were to join in, we would forfeit the deal and have to stay there forever.

Before I could say anything Richard stepped up, drawing his gun and aiming it directly at Carter. He demanded the Unlucky hand over the keys or he was going to shoot him in the head. The creature jumped to his feet, leaped over the desk, pulled the gun from my brother and with the other hand grabbed him by the throat and threw him over the large desk.

Richard quickly got back to his feet to take a swing at Baxter, who in return grabbed his arm and slammed it down onto the top of the desk. He placed the barrel of the gun in the middle of Rich's palm and then fired. My brother screamed in pain as he brought his hand back up. I saw that the bullet had gone directly through his hand, leaving a bloody, gaping hole in the center of his palm. I pulled my brother back over to us and told the professor to take a look at the wound.

Baxter called my name. As I turned to face him he tossed the gun to me and asked me if we had a deal? I looked over to the others; Michael nodded in approval as did the rest of the group. I turned back toward the creature and before I could finish my sentence of acceptance, Carter had already charged me. Before I knew it I was being tossed over the desk, landing hard on the other side. As I pulled myself back up, I felt something warm running down my chest. Baxter had opened the wound on my neck. Before I was completely back on my feet, the creature rushed me once again, cutting my face with his claw–like nails. I collapsed back down to the ground. Like my chest, I felt the warmth of my blood streaming down my face. I was getting killed. The hybrid was much stronger than any Unlucky I had ever faced before.

I was pulled back up and knocked back over the desk, landing by the others. I did not try to get back up. I only laid there listening to everyone cheering me on, but I knew that wasn't going to do me any good.

I felt a pair of soft hands, one behind my back and the other under my neck, slowly pulling me up into a sitting position. As I opened my eyes, I saw Renee's beautiful face staring back at me. She gave me a slight smile and told me that I could do it. I felt the creature grab me by the hair and yank me back up, only to knock me down to the ground. Baxter jumped on top of me and wrapped his hands around my neck. He began to squeeze; my airway was completely closed, I couldn't breathe! I tried to pull his hands away from my throat, but his grip was too strong, which caused me to loose my nerve. I was flooded with panic and fright; I knew that I was going to die! But then something happened. My fear began to turn into anger. I felt it pumping through my body. Before I knew it, I started groaning and hissing, the urge to kill became overwhelming. I wanted him dead!

I grabbed his throat, boring my fingers into the Unlucky's leathery skin. In return I felt his nails cutting into my neck. When I looked up at Carter I noticed that he had a different look to him, a wild look, more beast and less human. As he began to speak, only growls came out and in that moment, I realized he was losing control. He was becoming more monster–like, but I started to get lightheaded from lack of oxygen.

I needed to do something and do it now, before I blacked out. I did the first thing that came to mind and bit Baxter's nose off! Blood spewed from the location his nose used to be. After that I was able to push him off of me.

Once the creature was off of me, I felt the blood flow return. As quickly as I could, I got back up and kicked him in his already bloodied face, which caused him to fly backward into the large wooden desk. He slid down until he was flat on his back. I waited for Carter to get back up, but he never did. The creature was unconscious. I walked over to the desk and picked up the ring of keys. It was over, I won. Before I walked away, I noticed Baxter was coming to as he pulled his knees up.

I crammed the keys into my pocket and grabbed onto the desk and started to pull up on it. By that time Baxter had began to make noise. I continued to lift up on the desk with all of my might. Finally, with one final tug I caused the desk to flip. It landed on top of Carter's head, instantly killing him. Dark tarry blood oozed out from underneath the mahogany. The body jerked and twitched as I walked by it. I walked past the others without saying anything and they followed. Before I left the room, I locked the door and closed it behind me.

We quickly backtracked and walked past the classrooms, until we were standing inside the odd white room. I told the others I believed the stairs that led down would take us back into the lobby. With a slight chuckle Michael reminded me that I had a map of the school in my back pocket. I pulled it out and reviewed the chart and found that I was correct. The stairs did indeed lead down to the lobby.

Slowly, we went down stairs, being cautious as the steps looked weak and water damaged. Moments later we reached the lobby. I took a moment to rest and pull myself together before we made a run for the bus. I looked out one of the windows and saw that the rain was now pouring, saturating everything outside, including the hundreds of Unluckys that now had the entire school surrounded. It was going to take an effort to get out of this building and into the waiting bus.

After I stopped the bleeding from my neck, we checked each gun and how much ammo we had left. I was troubled to learn that most of our weapons only had a couple of rounds left. We are going to need to get to the bus with no mishaps because we needed to save our bullets for when we got to the SUV. There we would most likely use all of our remaining ammo holding off the Unluckys, while we transferred everything from the SUV to the bus. Once that was done we would be able to use our reusable weapon for any further obstacles.

A few minutes later, we were ready to make our move. Each of us had at least one weapon. I had the shotgun in one hand and the fire axe in the other. I looked over to my son and he gave me a nod confirming he was ready to go. I told Richard to open the door. As he did we were greeted with thousands of angry Unluckys!

To be continued…


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