Terry D. Scheerer


1|The Dragon Hunters

2|The Question

3|A Foul business, by any name


5|Troll Charges

6|The Ladder

7|Overhill and Dale

8|Footprints in Blood

9|Final Gambit

10|The Festival

11|Dead and Ferried


13|Blind Betty

14|Queen of the Westerlands

15|Queen of the Westerlands Part 2

16|Queen of the Westerlands Part 3

17|Queen of the Westerlands Part 4

18|Queen of the Westerlands Part 5

19|Queen of the Westerlands Part 6

20|Queen of the Westerlands Part 7

21|Queen of the Westerlands Part 8

22|Queen of the Westerlands Part 9

23|Queen of the Westerlands Part 10

24|Queen of the Westerlands Part XI

25|Queen of the Westerlands Part XII

26|Queen of the Westerlands Part XIII

27|Queen of the Westerlands Part XIV

28|Queen of the Westerlands Part XV

29|Queen of the Westerlands Part XVI

30|All That Glitters


1|Between the Moon and Mars

2|Death Chant

3|The Fan

4|To Dance with the Dead

5|To Dance with the Dead Part 2

6|To Dance with the Dead Part 3

7|The Tell Tale Heart

8|The Squid Kid

9|Aye, Robot

10|The Last Dance



1|Requiem for Turnip Bill

2|It's Later Than You Think


1|A Lasting Relationship


3|A Dragon so bold

4|Darkness Falls

5|Love is...

6|All Gone

7|The Eater of Dreams

8|Final Question

9|Virtue Found

10|Where's Heaven?


12|Silent Screams


1|Sky Castles

2|Want a bite?

3|Dark Angel



1|Skull Series


1|Trivia of Myth

2|The Myth of Halloween

3|Trivia of Myth #2

4|The Myth of Thanksgiving

5|The Myth of Christmas

6|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #1

7|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #2

8|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #3


10|Interview with Mark Bode!

11|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #4

12|Dreams of Darkness FYI

13|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #5

14|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #6

15|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #7

16|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #8

17|Featured Artist: Albrecht Durer

18|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #9

19|Featured Writer: George R.R. Martin

20|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #10

21|Featured Writer: H.P. Lovecraft

22|Book Review of The Secret Weakness of Dragons, and other tales a fairy whispered in my ear

23|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #11

24| Interview with Brad Grochowski!

25|Featured Writer: Terry Pratchett

26|Book Review of Terry Pratchett's Thud!

27|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #12

28|Interview with Janet Durbin!

29|Featured Writer: Edgar Allan Poe

30|Book Review of Edgar Allan Poe's Annabel Lee!

31|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #13

32|Interview with Saranna DeWylde!

33|Interview with the West Coast Ghost Hunters!

34|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #14

35|Interview with Kevin Adams!

36|Interview with Jennifer Caress!

37|Book Review of Sara Banks� Coriander

38|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #15

39|Interview with Tyler Tichelaar!

40|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #16

41|Interview with MOK!

42|Featured Writer: Robert E. Howard

43|Book Review of Robert E. Howard's The Savage Tales of Solomon Kane

44|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #17

45|Interview with Jonathan Fesmire!

46|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #18

47|Book Review of Debra Kemp's The House of Pendragon Book I : The Firebrand

48|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #19

49|Interview with Debra Kemp!

50|Interview with Steve Bolin!

51|Book Reviews - Creep Creepersin's The Legend of Cartwayne Twain and Other Tales and Poems

52|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #20

53| Interview with Creep Creepersin!

54|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #21

55|Interview with Sarah Wilson!

56|Featured Writer: Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

57|FYI - 'The Month in Myth' #22

58|Music Blog by: Kurtz of FRAUSUN

59|Should we be concerned about 2012?

60|Months in Myth

61|Months in Myth