Kevin Magnus


1|Creature Of Habit

2| Falling

3| Life

4| Name set in stone

5|Thy Enemy

6|Promise to the Dying


8|That Night

9|Behind My Eyes



12|Brain Game


14|Tired and Weary

15| Failure as a Friend


17|Sick in the Head

18|Piss and Moan

19|In Question

20|Six Feet Under

21|From the 'Book of Woe'

22|My Reward

23|In Order to Know Me

24|With In

25|The Fear of Forgetting

26|Life II

27|My Nightmare


29|Christmas '05


31|Take Me Home

32|Good laugh at the wrong time

33|Immortal Fear

34|Ghost Story


36|Life III


38|My Sickness

39|This is Christmas

40|Tears Today

41|His War

42|The Other Side


44|Still Looking

45|Room of the Dead

46|Hunters of Prey

47|Silent Screams

48|Letting Go

49|The Long Wait

50|Hunters of Prey REPRINT

51|To Find The Truth

52|For God, Love, and Family

53|The Loser

54|The Gamble

55|LIFE Revisited

56|Thrill of the Hunt

57|Not As Important As You

58|Sugar on Top

59|Anon Affliction

60|Lies Behind a Cigarette

61|Just Another Day

62|Limited Agreement

63|In a World So Cold

64|Fade into You

65|The Night of the Living Dead

66|The Bountiful Crusade

67|Do You Hear What I Hear?

68|Corps De Ballet

69|You Know it to be True (Way of the Sith)

70|70 Later (a celebrational poem of the seventieth creation of Kevin Magnus)

71|My Hero

72|Ghost Stories of the 1800s

73|More Ghost Stories of the 1800s

74|Modern Day Ghost Stories

75|Ghosts Stories

76|Life – V


78|Find Your Self

79|A Happy Christmas

80|Truth in Reality

81|A Parent's Job

82|Visitor from Birth

83|The Machine

84|Darkness Falls

85|Time Has Come

86|Tired Eyes

87|The Mongers of Fear

88|Time to Concede

89|A Festive Season

90|Disclose the Multitude

91|My Money

92|Remember Oceania

93|Life VI

94|The Numbness that Haunts Inside


1|Castlevania II: Simon's Quest NES Mini Classic

2|Punch–Out!! NES Mini Classic

3|Super Mario Bros. 3 NES Mini Classic

4|Minecraft PE iPad

5|Legend of Zelda NES Mini Classic