Hello Mythkateers!

Welcome to what I have been referring to as the 7th level of Hell. It has been hot hot hot in my little corner of the world and progress on anything has been slow. But that is why they are called the hazy lazy days of summer. I completely understand the need for a siesta midafternoon!

It has been a trying month for many of us on staff here at The World of Myth, but we have persevered and carried on and brought you another amazingly packed magazine to enjoy while you sip whatever it is you sip to relax and stay cool.

I am not going to get into too many details of my own personal struggles this month, you can listen to all that on my podcast, but I am going to share some words of wisdom that I have gleaned from just trying to exist during August.

  1. Wear as little as possible when it’s hot and a fan can be your bestest friend in the whole entire world!

  2. Don’t take anything for granted. Or anyone. Mental health is no joke, but neither is the ebb and flow of life itself. I learned that you could wrap someone in bubble wrap, check on them constantly, talk them through the really bad parts and get them to a good place, and Mother Nature comes along and decides their time is up and takes them in their sleep.

  3. From lesson 2 I learned to always always ALWAYS express how you feel. If you love, then love, if you are angry, be angry, if you have doubts or fears, talk them through. Don’t keep your emotions, especially the good ones, hidden away for “the right moment”. You may never get that and then you will have to live with the “I should have”. That sucks.

  4. Taking care of your own health is paramount to anything else going on in your life. If you don’t take care of you, you can’t take care of anything else.

  5. Appreciate the little things. Not all expressions of affection are grand gestures, but little things. See them, appreciate them, and know that it is heartfelt and you are loved. Appreciate the little things around you. Smell a flower, watch a leaf on a tree wave in the breeze, listen to a river speak to the banks that line it. Stop and be for just a moment.

  6. And most importantly…HYDRATE!!!

Basically we only get one go round at this, so make the most of it. Love until you burst, laugh until your cheeks hurt, and dance like you are a toddler with a lollipop.

Now, before I get more maudlin and melancholy, I want to say congratulations to Linda Sauve for wining Member of the Month with her heart wrenching poem Return to Heaven, and to Clayton Barton for his wonderful cover art!

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That’s it for this month folks, I do want to mention that September is a special issue. It is our 100th issue and we want to make it one to remember! I will be suspending the limit on submissions per category for that month only as I know many of our contributors have several wonderful pieces waiting for this issue and I want to showcase them all! So if you haven’t already submitted, get those keyboards or pens fired up!

Also, the deadline for Natural Instincts by Zombie Works Publications is drawing to a close next month. If you would like to be considered for the anthology, then submit your piece to zombieworkspublications@yahoo.com.

Have a wonderful month and see you all on the flip side!

Stephanie J Bardy
Editor in Chief of Small Moments and Large Emotions.

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..