Returned to Heaven
By: Linda M. Sauve

I carefully laid you upon the bed, laying down behind you.
I leaned forward and placed my head next to yours.
I looked out the window and saw the sky quickly darken.
But I didn't mind, it matched my mood.
As tears filled my vision snowflakes began to fall.
I startled when one of the nurses entered the silent room.
She softly rubbed my shoulder and asked if we were ready.
Slowly I got down off the bed and placed a kiss upon your brow.
Daddy and I bathed and dressed you one final time.
Outside the snow continued to fall, harder and harder with each passing second.
I brushed your bangs out of your face, knowing how much it annoyed you.
I laid my cheek next to yours, drawing up some inner strength.
I whispered, "We will always love you baby girl."
With a final kiss we walked away from the bed.
The nurses watched silently as we left the unit.
Minutes later we walked out of the hospital and I stared into the snow‘filled sky.
It hit me then, my Angel on Earth had Returned to Heaven.


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