Remember Oceania
By: Kevin Magnus

Let me show you the world in my eyes,
Unacknowledged truth, shall I baptize?

What is happening around me in this day and age,
We are caught in the public's lies and swirling rampage.

Anger like unbefore, from people all around,
And all the while, a new King is silently crowned.

Welcomed mass ignorance at an all-time high,
Accepting a new ruler who is tongue-tied.

People no longer care while wrapped in their own personal drug,
As a society, we are nothing more than a squash bug.

Much like everyone, I too never truly cared until recently,
Caught up in a comfortable existence and survived decently.

Before I noticed the world around me, beyond my personal bubble,
It was only when I recently saw the light, I found all the trouble.

Who is genuinely the villain in this story;
The one who is secretly destroying old glory.

They watched us fall apart, while we shove free money their way,
Giving us everything we wanted to keep us at bay.

Then it is too late, "My God what have we done?"
All of this loss, just for another bank run?

Even now everything is broken,
Afraid, even words are unspoken.

Plagues, unrest, a civil disorder which was all envisioned,
With the execution, the know-how, and exact precision.

In the end, the people lose their way and are pushed out a door,
As seen through the eyes of George Orwell in 1984.


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