The Time Traveling Healer
Episode Four
By: Jim Bates

The story so far:

Episode One

After failing to help fight the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic, Mahdi finds himself given another chance, this time against a pandemic sweeping the land of Anon and killing its unicorns.

Episode Two Unable to help his daughter’s sick unicorn, the old farmer Ankar is startled by the approach of a stranger.

Episode Three

Ankar realizes that the stranger is no one to fear.

Now for Episode Four of Seven

Mahdi clasped the farmer's hand in greeting, "Greetings. I come to you because I dreamt last night something was wrong with poor Snowflake."

He knelt next to the sick unicorn, closed his eyes in concentration and ran his hands over her soft white coat. All was quiet but for Snowflake's labored breathing. After a few minutes Mahdi turned to Ankar, "I'm afraid she's got the virus that is raging throughout the land."

Jana cried out, "Oh, no!"

Without hesitation, Mahdi took the little girl's hand. "Do not despair, young lady," he said, comforting her, "I know exactly what to do."


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