Something Better
By: Gabriella Balcom

"Scampers, quit it!" Susan fussed.

But the kitten leapt onto her plate again before hiding.

Waking later, Scampers smelled smoke and found Susan in bed. She didn't budge when he nosed her and meowed, so he bit her. She roused, coughing.

He pawed Daisy next. The dog staggered to her feet, but the kitten swayed on his.

When firemen arrived, only Susan and Daisy were outside.

Scampers awakened in heaven. "Is my family okay?" he asked.

"You saved them," God replied.

"I didn't get nine lives."

"You're getting something better."

Wide-eyed, Scampers admired his wings. "Me? An angel?"

God smiled.



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