Wall Flowers
By: Jeff R. Young

Reds and yellows falling like rain
A testament to our summer's bane
We bask in the briskness of the breeze
As it sheds the leaves off of the trees

We soak in the warmth of the mid-day sun
As the children they frolic and play and run
With your body and mine intertwined
Our bodies as one we rest combined

We watch the pillows of clouds glide past
Floating through a blue sky so vast
"Heaven must be just like this"
You said as you sealed the words with a kiss

Heaven really must be like this
You in my arms is divine bliss
The smell of the wind as it moves through your hair
If we never let go I would certainly not care

The kids they frolic they play and they run
And you and I together bask in the sun
The leaves they continue to fall like rain
As we lie together deep in loves domain


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