The Coin
By: Christopher Bice

I followed the path
Through the glen
It's an old trail
Used by many men

But today something
Caught my eye
I nearly missed it
As I was walked by

Just off the path
Was wee piece of gold
A smallish gold coin
Who knew how old

I bent to retrieve it
And what did I see
A little person hiding
Behind the tree

Excuse me good sir
I see my gold coin you found
It must've fell from me pocket
Onto the ground

If you pass it over
And give it back to me
I'll put me nose to my finger
Give one wish for free

What is it mister
Tell your wish to me
Give me the coin
Come sit by the tree

I told the wee man
My wife is about to give birth
Here's your coin
Can you promise heaven and earth

The wee man scrunched up his nose
Then pulled out his pipe
He packed it with tobacco
Calmly asked for a light

I'll tell you what mister
You'd better run straight home
Ya don't want to leave
Mother and child all alone

I ran home through the glen
I needed to see
If the wee man
Kept his promise to me

Oh daddy the wee girl said
Sitting on my knee
Don't you ever get tired
Telling the same story

The wee man gave me
A story that never gets old
He gave me a beautiful daughter
With hair of gold.


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