Tooth and Nail: A Love Story
By: Peggy Gerber

Emily skipped out of the nail salon admiring her perfect ruby red manicure. Kyle had hinted he had a special surprise for her that night, and she suspected it was something that would sparkle on her fourth finger. Her whole body tingled with anticipation.

When she walked into Kyle's apartment that evening, Emily's heart began thumping wildly: sitting on the table were her favorite flowers and a bottle of champagne. She spun around to look for Kyle, and there he was, down on one knee, clutching onto a large box with trembling hands He looked up at Emily and in a voice not much louder than a whisper said, "I love you Emily. You're my perfect match. Will you share my urn with me?"

Emily furrowed her brows in confusion. "Share your what?"

Kyle opened the box and presented Emily with a giant, ornate urn containing all his baby teeth and years of finger and toenail clippings.

Tears welled up in Emily's eyes as she sat there gasping at the urn in stunned silence. Slowly, a smile began to light up her face as she looked Kyle in the eye and bubbled, "I will."

Together they sat on the couch and Kyle gently cut off a little piece of Emily's polished fingernail to add to the urn. When Emily looked inside, sitting atop all the years of teeth and nail clippings, was a diamond ring.



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