The Time Traveling Healer
Episode Three
By: Jim Bates

The story so far:

Episode One

After failing to help fight the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic, Mahdi finds himself given another chance, this time against a pandemic sweeping the land of Anon and killing its unicorns.

Episode Two Unable to help his daughter’s sick unicorn, the old farmer Ankar is startled by the approach of a stranger.

Now for Episode Three

Ankar held the pitchfork poised, ready to strike. He had no need. Looking closely, he saw something intriguing about the figure dressed in a black flowing cape who stood at the entrance to the dilapidated barn. The weather-beaten man had shoulder length hair, wore knee high leather boots and a battered hat. Behind a long white beard, his face had a kindly, almost benevolent look to it.

The man stepped forward and smiled, holding out his hand in a gesture of peace. "Never fear," he quietly spoke, "Mahdi is here."

Relieved, Ankar shook the new comer’s hand.

"Welcome," he said.


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