At this meeting was DM – David K. Montoya . SB – Stephanie J. Bardy . AR – Alan Russo . KA – Kevin Adams . KH – Kristofor Harris . WE – Walter G. Esselman . EA – Eddie Aguirre


Chair read Mission Statement.

Attendance was taken.

Present: Eddie Aguirre, David K Montoya, Kevin Adams, Kris Harris, Joe Sparks, Alan Russo, Stephanie J Bardy, Walter G Esselman,

Absent: Michael Duncan

Treasurer’s Report (Kevin):

Running Total: $13262.50

Money in - $242.50

Money Out - $1079.50

Balance: -$837.00

Secretary’s Report – Presented minutes from April 11, 2021 meeting. Minutes approved.

Business arising from the minutes – All agreed to use the Google drive and link will be posted in the group to access the files.

Committee reports –

PR/Advertising – We are starting a department for PR and Advertising. The name from this point on for this report will be Circulations Department. David K Montoya and Stephanie J Bardy will be reporting on this department, until it is staffed.

PCE – A number of vendors and guests have already signed on and confirmed. Slots are filling up quickly. Artwork has been done for ads and will be distributed on a schedule to tease the event with attendees. Certain Artists will bring in people to the expo’s and they will do advertising for us because they advertise where they will be. He is having a problem trying to find those certain vendors, because of where it is being held. The events will get us the money, not the vendors. Talked about the bands that we will be having. The prices for the passes, and the different levels of ticket. Our bands fit the Scarefaire theme. Psychotic Circus, Carnival of Thrills. We are getting a circus tent. Cosplayers, and onsite scarers.

We aren’t saying Victorville up front, we are saying San Bernadino Fairgrounds.

Trying to get Robert Mukes and Walter Phellips.

Trying to secure a certain actress as well.

Joe suggested professional cosplayers.

Eddie said he hasn’t been that focused on them, but he will try and get something.

Getting vendors to sign up for both events, by giving them a discount.

Circulation Department – Dave asks for nominee’s for this. It’s a big job. The candidate would be responsible for marketing us to people we don’t know and trying to get new followers and contributors.

JayZoModcast – Joe says we keep chugging along, he has a couple of things in the old pocket, he says we have two more podcasts joining us. The Three No’s, and The Gamers one called Pillow Talk. Dave is trying to get the rights to the audio. Plugs are going through; Myth Mart plug is now active. He has a couple of ideas for the audio experience. He would like to start doing audio trailers for books. He would like to create some audio experiences with Myth Master.

Dave surprises Joe with giving him the green light about his and Jenna’s pet project for a special new podcast.

Dave evades a podcast question and redirects to his new mixer board.

Grindhouse Sleaze is coming back.

My Public Life as an American Nerd is being worked on.

Magazine report – Contributions are holding steady but would like to increase them. Offering the short story contest through the magazine would increase readership and bring us more attention. The magazine would be the sponsor of the contest.

Some blow back from last magazine review, but generally, the author who complained can suck it up. It was an honest insightful review. Keep up the good work Joe.

Cracked down on submissions. The new guidelines are clearly defined. If the submission does not adhere to that, it will be rejected and the contributor will be asked to change it to reflect the guidelines. Steph has been having an issue with one particular contributor regarding the guidelines thus having to be so strict about them now. Steph has had to pass on a few pieces and send them back to the author only to be disregarded and have the piece sent back much the same as it began. To which those emails now go unanswered.

New categories to be added to the magazine, like non-fiction, historical, and romance. We need to broaden our scope and include a few more genres. We have had the same format for a long time, and while it works, Steph would like to improve it and make it grow. She has worked very hard to get the magazine to where it is today, to build rapport with our contributors, and now it is time to bring in a wider variety and go after advertising and sponsors. Everyone is online due to Covid so business are looking for new ways to advertise and reach new clientele. Many are now doing shipping.

The plugs in the podcasts continue, and Steph would like to approach a few of our author’s that have books published and see if they would be willing to do a plug for their work, for a nominal fee. A visual banner for a month was $5.00. That required more work than adding a plug to a podcast, since they would be doing all the audio work, we would just have to convert it into a format for the audio which Steph has a ton of programs for that. We can request up front that they do it in an mp3. Suggestions for price? Cheap wins and costs us nothing.

Board has approved, all voted Yay.

Price to be discussed at a later date.

Old Business:

Art Contest – Recites what he presented last time. Discussed some of the prizes. Discussed a Calendar.

Submission Guidelines – They have been written but not added to the website, they will live with next issue.

FanFic – changed to themed flash fiction, fanfic legalities was just to hard to navigate. We could present 80’s horror, Roaring 20’s.

Entry is $5.00

Must be in theme, just contain something on theme list to in submission.

One winner, winner takes all.

$100.00 prize, hold it bi-monthly, must have a minimum of 20 entries to launch contest.

If there is not enough entries, fee will be refunded. The magazine is hosting the contest, it is strictly a The World of Myth contest.

May put in more than one entry.

One judge, no levels.

Write, win, write again, win again.”

Winning stories can be put into an anthology.

Start date November 2021. Winner of OCC is being announced in October, and we can ride that wave in November, and it won’t bog us down with too many things going on. We can start building buzz for the contest.

Dave wants us to start putting together the rules and start moving this along. We are passed the idea stage, we are not moving into production.

Dates for Grindhouse Sleaze – Alan suggested Wednesday or Thursday of next week (post meeting) They want at least 3 in the tank before releasing. Joe wants them as soon as each is finished.

My Public Life as an American Nerd – Dave is stepping down and Eddie Aguirre is taking over. Eddie has a lot of experience to offer the podcast and will bring a lot of nerd knowledge and experience as a podcaster to the show. He is going to take it in a new direction. He is going to be bringing people on to discuss things like comic books and other nerdy stuff. He will be doing interviews on the show.

Who’s the Boss will be coming back based in its roots of the original plan for the show. Dave will talk about the business.

Kevin suggests being on Lupa’s Bits. He would like to see Myth Master on other podcasts within the network.

Kevin also suggests talking to just regular business owners on Dave’s podcast.

The World of Mythbits update on audio – Doing Member of the Month audio reading. Has one in the works to kind of whet the whistle for that thing.

Dawn DeBraal will be the next Member to have her story read by a professional actor. The audio will be kept for member of the month for now.

New Business :

OCC Director Walter G Esselman has a presentation – (spreadsheet will be in the drive, link in group) – Walter presents the Big Bad Dark Myth Marketing Plan for publishers and Authors. It is a step-by-step plan for who is responsible for what when it comes to the OCC winner. It was suggested that it be used as a template for all publishing. Dave asks Walter and Steph to hammer out the details and present it as an over all template/policy for the next meeting.

Editing Template for all future publications – presents editing template to be used between editors and authors. It will be used for suggestions and comments to be passed between the two and each party will sign off on it. It will be done for every chapter of the book. Keeps the document clean.

All voted Yay

Elmvale Street Faire – We have been given a one hour slot, also Steph presented a vending opportunity and suggested Myth Mart. The slot was agreed on, what will be done to it will be decided later. A vendor spot was also agreed on at the $25.00 level.

Dave will send Steph the stuff for the one hour slot.

It was agreed that the link to the minutes would be put in the group chat so that they drive would be accessed that way.

Dave presents the dilemma of Michael Duncan. He has not attended any meetings except the first one. It is written in our policies, that if you miss so many you are removed from the board.

It was voted and Michael Duncan was removed and the search for a new member who is not connected to the business has begun.

JPWI is in talks with another group for a merge which will be discussed at the next meeting.

Next meeting: June 13th at 12pm PST 3pm EST