Getting the Shot
Part Three
By: Melissa Small

Sitting in the parking lot eating ice cream wasn't something I thought I'd be doing. What was I doing? Chaz was like an eight-year-old kid digging into his ice-cream and getting it everywhere. It wasn't just him that was eating the ice-cream either. His tentacles also appeared to be enjoying it. The ends of his hair would slide out of the side of his head and go into the cup. It would come out covered in ice cream.

After that I couldn't eat mine.

"Are you going finish yours?" Chaz asked eyeing my ice-cream.

"Here I lost my appetite..." I said handing him over the cup.

He snatched it out of my hand and started to woof it down with the help from head tentacles.

"So, your umm friends." I asked referring to his well-fed hair pieces. "Do they always share your food?"

"OH, sorry." He said peeking out from his cup. "They got excited and well they wanted to try it too." He said shyly. "They didn't freak you out, again, did they?"

"Yes and No," I replied. "Just making sure if I dosed off, they would eat me when you are not looking."

"Oh Dude." Chaz said. "They don't like the taste of human."

"Wait what?" I said looking over at him. I saw the smirk on his face.

"Funny Chaz, real funny" I said, "Time to go."

I put the old car into drive and pulled out of the parking lot. "Where are we off to next?" I asked him.

"Centennial Park on the other side of the city," Chaz said he then looked back behind us.

"What's wrong?" I asked him.

"The car followed us into the ice cream place and now is following us again. "He said.

I looked into the rear-view mirror to see a black Honda with no licenses plate following us. I frowned and looked over at Chaz.

"Its not like we can out race him in this old antique." I said looking in my rear-view mirror again.

"Maybe we can lose it in the traffic." He suggested. "Get on the freeway and see if we can lose it. "

"No, the free way is not a good place. I've got an idea. I then turned on to a side street and headed towards the suburbs.

"Where are we going?" Chaz asked.

"On an Adventure." I replied.

"Oh," Chaz said and held on to his seat belt for dear life.

I drove through the side streets looking for way to lose this car following us. We have to continue east toward Centennial Park, or our ankle bracelets go but we needed to lose the extra baggage.

Then I saw it as we can around a tight corner a moving van was backing into a driveway. This was our chance. I gunned the old car and hopped up on the lawn and drove through their garden. We barely managed to get past the moving van as it back it to the driveway. Our followers didn't make it. I didn't hear a crash, but I didn't stop to look either.

"You can open your eyes now Chaz."

"DUDE?" He replied as he slowly opened his eyes and looked behind us. "Dude that was… if it dead?" He asked. "Don't worry about the car now we need to fine the park before there ankle bracelets go off. "I said.

Shakily Chaz looked at his tablet "Take the next right and a left. That will take us back out to the road we were on." Chaz said still griping the seatbelt. After a few minutes we where back on the road to the park and we had no tails, for now. I had a bad feeling this were going to see our tail again.

After the car chase, we arrived at the second park to a lot of protesters. I mean a lot; it was nearing riot status. We needed to get in and out fast. I drove past the park and parked in a nearby ally. Chaz and I got out of the car and I starred up the building overlooking the park "Can't get past them so here will have to do."

Chaz reached out and grasped my shoulder. "No need for that. I have an idea. We walk past the protesters holding hands. We can pretend we are just out of a walk. "Chaz suggested.

"Holding hands? Is that safe?" I asked him.

"Its not like we are going to be doing anything…you know. I'm not into humans. Sorry. No tentacles, no love "he said with an exaggerated gross face.

"Well, I find you gross too." I said as I shouldered the Vaccinator case so Chaz could hold my hand. We made it by the protectors with out any troubles. As we walked, we looked for a nice place to set up camp. Then I spotted some bushes near an abandoned ruin. It was perfect.

A few minutes later we had our base set up. The drone met us there and was ready for the first hit. Three protestors later we hear a child "Look a drone". He hurried over to where Chaz and I lay. I tucked the Vaccinator into the bushes. I was about to tell the kid off when Chaz spoke to the kid.

Chaz told him he was doing a science project for college on drones. He needed research on the drone's ability to sneak into crowed areas and gather information. The kid ate it all up. Chaz told him it was a secret and not to tell anyone. The kid was excited and ran off, most likely to tell his friends. We finished up quickly and began to pack up.

I had just dismantled the Vaccinator and back into its case when a police officer spotted us and began to move in our direction. Obviously, I picked a poor spot. Chaz touched the side of the Vaccinator case and it glowed for a second with a dim light. The police office looked at our little set up and then at me. "What are you doing here?"

"School project" I spoke, trying to follow Chaz earlier lead with the kid.

"What's in the box?" the officer asked.

Chaz smiled at the officer and reached over to open the box. I wanted to stop him, but it was too late. The box opened to reveal an easeland paints. "I'm doing a school project with my Dad. "Chaz said. "It's a project on using drones to paint with. I have the assignment and a letter from the school if you wish to look at it." He finished and looked over at me. I nodded but I was so stunned that I didn't speak. How did he change the gun into art supplies?

The officer looked at the two of us. "I don't need to see your paperwork. I just wanted to be sure you where not with the group here. You might want to find a different park. This place is about to get ugly." The officer was about to walk away when we heard shots fired. I dove into the bushes with Chaz as shot fired across the park. The shots came from behind us the opposite of the park away from the protestors. Between all the screaming protestors and panicking people, I saw three figures heading towards us with huge rifles in their hands.

"Chaz, we need to move" I called out. Is the Drone armored? Is it armed?"

"What?" He asked hiding in the bushes with his box not looking at me.

"DRONE FIRE POWER." I yelled at him over the screaming people.

"No, why? I am sending the drone back to base. We can just leave this to the police" he said shaking in the bushes.

I pointed to the three heavily armed men moving in a straight line to us. Chaz was already on it moving almost in a blur. He has closed the case; hit a button the case went a blue and then tossed the case into the bushes and it faded from sight. "Won't be any good to us right now and it will be safe enough here in camo mode."

"So, we have no weapons, and we are out gunned, typical Government operation "I mumbled. Chaz and I made our move and ran straight into three more armed goons.

One of the goons took aim at our retreating drone and shot it out of the sky with one shot, nicely done. Another reached in the bushes and retrieved the Vaccinator; he didn't even have to search for it. Camo mode, remind me to talk to the designers later.

"Gun is no good to you with out me and the hippy." I said.

The men looked over at the huge guys standing behind them. Take them both." He spoke. Guys in military outfits came storming into the park. Drones began appearing from no where. That's when the fireworks began.Both sides let loose, I push Chaz back into the bush and prayed we didn't get hit by a bullet. The goons looked at us and the incoming military force and began an orderly retreat. After a few minutes, the guns stopped and some the bad guys where dead, but the case was gone. We had lost the Vaccinator.

"This is our chance" I said grabbing Chaz's hand losing ourselves in the terrified crowd. We hurried back to the car before someone could shoot us or stop us. I tore off down the road looking for a tail.

We are arrived at the base to be greeted by Agent Evora again. "What happened out there? Civilians killed; police killed…" Then she paused in her obvious fury "Where is it

"Oh, Thanks for the concern lady. Just so you know we are all good here. Not hurt but Chaz here might need therapy." I said angrily.

"Take them back to the room." She said not answering me. Five huge, muscled guys appeared surrounding us and forcibly marched us back to the interview room.

There we sat there for hours. No food, no water, just us staring at each other in silence and then Chaz spoke. "I'm going to miss this stupid planet." He spoke. "Its not our fault the gun was taken. I really don't want to go back home, this planet rocks. It is my favorite place in this universe to party. I've been here since 1969." He said sadly. "Oh, the parties dude."

"Wait since 1969?"

"Correct'o'mundo "he said.

"Why don't you stay?" I asked. "We didn't screw this mission up they did. They left us with no back up and no actual weapons. "

"Well for one thing. I make your people sick. Well, this isn't the first time we visited your planet and well. It wasn't the rats all those years ago." He spoke. "My shots only last a year. After that well its not good."

"Then we just give you more shots." I told him.

"Its not cheap as it has to come from my planet." He spoke. "Plus, with all I just cased I'm pretty sure people here would want my head if they knew I was the thing that was making them sick."

"Screw people." I spoke. "We humans need to learn we are not the centre of the universe that the stars don't move around us."

Chaz smiled. "Well let's go back and tell them that his worked. Or at least up to the part it got stolen."

A few minutes later Evora came back in looking well pissed off and tired. "Just to let the cat out of the bag, Chaz wants to stay on earth."

Evora glared at me. "He wants to what? Nope, won't happen. You both screwed up royally. Civilians and local law enforcement dead and let a government multi-million-dollar gun be stolen."

Chaz straightened up, looked at me and then at Agent Evora. "You can not run the recovery operation with out my help. You don't have the ability to trouble shoot my gun mods if they have messed with the Vaccinator" He then looked over at me and then back at the Agent. "I want to stay and help fix this. Biscuits…Is that really your name?" He said looking over at me and then back at Agent Evora. "We are a great team and you're going to need an alien here to help. So why not me? I'm already here and I've proved I can work with your people. As well as I put a tracing system in the gun. I know where it is."

Evora looked at the pair of us and then sighed. "Not my call." She said. "Way above my pay grade but I will send a message to head office. For now, give your briefing to Agent Forster. I want to know where the gun is now."

Evora tapped her watch and left the room. Smith and Wesson came in, crap now I have his real name. Chaz led Forster through the day's events. I interjected a few points highlighting Chaz's contributions and how brave he was when the bullets started to fire. How he tried to hide the Vaccinator, that he activated the tracking mechanism and he fought to keep the gun. Alright the fight part was a lie, but I had to make him out to look like a hero.

Forster left to file the report.

"Think they will let me stay?" Chaz asked.

"I can't see why not." I said putting my feet up on the table in front of me. "So, there is the gun?" I asked him.

"Oh, that part was a lie. There is no tracker on the gun "Chaz said. "How much trouble I'm I in?"



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