The Time Traveling Healer
Episode Two
By: Jim Bates

The story so far:

Episode One

After failing to help fight the worldwide Covid-19 epidemic, Mahdi finds himself given another chance, this time against a pandemic sweeping the land of Anon and killing its unicorns.

Now for Episode Two

Young Jana turned from petting her sick unicorn and tugged on her father's tattered farm coat.

"Daddy, help Snowflake get better," she pleaded, tears running down her red cheeks, "Please."

Ankar took her tiny hand in his large, callused one. "There, there," he said.

His words were little comfort, he knew, considering the family's pet unicorn was deathly ill. If only the poor farmer knew what to do.

Suddenly, there was a movement behind him. In one swift motion, Ankar turned and reached for a nearby pitchfork, ready to defend himself and his daughter if necessary.

"Halt. Who goes there?"


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