Cowboys and Indians
By: Ann Christine Tabaka

Cowboys and Indians,
soldiers at war,
games we played as children.

Not knowing the ramifications,
not knowing the consequence,
we thought it was all in fun.

We saw the movies,
we read the books,
we knew white hats from black.

We were always the heroes,
victorious in our crusade.
For who could be more righteous than we,
we wrote the history!

The truth was fed to us from a tender age.
A truth that has its reality buried in dark lies.
Lies that were persistent and grew,
with each pass down the line.

Like a game of 'whisper down the alley.'

Facts percolate to the surface,
and now we learn how wrong we were.
So many suffered at the hands of fallacy,
born out of fear.

Our childhood games,
no longer innocent,
now reveal festering wounds.
Cowboys and Indians!


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