My Money

By: Kevin Magnus

After all of this time of struggling,
With money and bills always juggling.

You never had money to help in my time of need,
Somehow, No bread, or crumb, not even a single seed.

That is always the way it has always been,
And reminded me that money was a sin.

That was until my time finally came,
And now being called greedy you now claim.

Despite that I never turned you away,
Wallet always open to my dismay.

You are telling people that I am selfish, greedy, mean;
Yet I gave you almost two grand of that almighty green.

Now, you want me to be gone but my money to stay,
Perhaps a wanting and an electronic bill pay.

Before long, I will be gone, and so will be my cash.
All alone you will be dust to dust, and ash to ash.


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