Hello warm weather! The snow has melted, the sun has returned, and the warm breeze is calling my name. Okay, maybe not my actual name, but it is whispering something to me. I swear. Winter hasn't made me totally crazy.

A lot has happened since we last met on these hallowed pages. We have had a Board meeting or two, one of which you can read all about in David K Montoya's Commentary, we have actually established a Board of Directors, we have made decisions and did a whole adult like thing! I won't spill all the beans here; you have to go read the commentary to find out all the fun and interesting things that are coming to the JayZoMon/DarkMyth Company.

I have gone through a few changes of my own. My address being one of them. I am currently settling into my own apartment with an amazing view. I see many days writing and daydreaming at those large windows overlooking the street below. I don't have much, but I feel successful. I feel almost at peace.

I want to take this opportunity to center out one of our writers. Christopher Bice. I met this wonderful gentleman in a writing group on Facebook and he submitted to our magazine. The man has now won 4 Member of the Months. Recently two back-to-back, with his most recent being last month. This was a man who wasn't quite sure his work would be something people would want to or enjoy reading. I think I speak for all of us when I say, thank you Chris, thank you for sharing your talent with us.

I would also like to mention Sirius Small. He is a boy I have watched grow since he was 2 years old in yellow footy pyjama's and he is now 17. His artwork graced our cover last month and I think I was almost as proud of him as his Mom was. He gave Chris a run for his money by coming in second. Well done Sirius.

If you have submitted artwork recently, you will notice that I sent you a kind of formal statement regarding implied consent. That will be the norm going forward and will be written into the submission guidelines very shortly. The whole of the submission guidelines will be rewritten and uploaded to the webpage but for now, any changes I will make each of you aware of at acceptance of your submission.

For those of you who have listened and continue to listen to my ramblings on my podcast, you will notice a change this week, as I got some fancy shmancy equipment sent to me. If I can figure out how it all works then I will actually sound like I know what I am doing!

As always, thank you for stopping by our little labor of love, and I hope you enjoy this month. We have so many stories for you, some great reviews and beautiful artwork.

Don't forget stop by Myth Master's lair and have a listen to his interview with Tim Law. He thinks he is the best, but he just whines the loudest. The interview is rather funny though, so I do recommend it.

As Always,

Stephanie J. Bardy
The Editor of the Land of Lu

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..