Getting the Shot
Part Two
By: Melissa Small

Chaz was silent for almost a minute "You got it dude" obviously picking the Californian accent "It works exactly like yours do here on Earth. You may be surprised; guns are pretty universal." Chaz deftly took the gun from me and pointed to the glowing cylinder. This one uses Gavorite as a propellant and Luxiztion as a delivery method or bullet if you like. It's already loaded with the cure. And the best part is it is self loading. It will never run out of propellant, bullets, or vaccine. It will go through any clothes and it will feel like a bug bite. he said. "They will never know what hit them."

"Wait Gravorite and Luxiztion those are alien words are they materials, components, what??"

"Gavorite and Luxiztion. You have nothing here like them and no equivalent words. You're not following any of this are you?" he asked.

"Not the words but I do understand propellant, bullet and vaccine. And you said its point and shoot. That's all I need to know." Taking the gun back I pointed at the wall and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened.

Chaz laughed. "Safety is on. You haven't been added to the user interface yet. They will do that when we get to the secret weapon chamber."

"Don't laugh at me I will shoot you with this. If I have to put a pencil in it." I then turned and walked out the door to be met by Smith and Wesson and Tan Boy. They then escorted Chaz and I to the room with all the toys.

You have watched a spy movie where they get all the gear, this place puts all those places to shame. We were given one toy. A car. Not the Aston Martin. Not a BMW. Not a Porsche. A Volkswagen Rabbit. That is correct a Volkswagen Rabbit, a hunk of crap on wheels. Chaz was excited about the car. Of course, he was but he was never going to drive it.

We were issued our instructions on a tablet, the location of the protest and who was expected to be there. The alien gun was activated to my handprint only. I put the case with the alien gun, I need a better name for that. I placed the vaccinator in the trunk. Chaz and I climbed into the front seats. Chaz gripped the tablet tightly with both hands like it held government secrets. Ironically, it did.

"You know you can put that in the back of the car." I told him.

"It's fine. Plus, I don't want to lose this." Chaz said while tapping the tablet.

"Whatever," I said, putting on my seat belt.

Chaz tentacles moved. I know I mentioned that earlier, but they moved to get a better view out the window. Like a dog does. I hit the gas hard, good thing we were still in the park. "For Crying out loud, Chaz keep your snakes to yourself."

"Sorry, just very excited to get out again. I promise to keep my parts to myself. Does that include my middle Tentacles?" Chaz made a crossing motion over his stomach area. "Cross my heart."

"Wait, you have moreā€¦I don't want to know that. "I replied with a shiver. "Should you be going out again. I thought his all started because you went out there and infected people. Wait can you infect me?"

"I had my shots," He said. "Like a good puppy."

I just groaned and put the car into gear. We left the garage and headed to our first stop. An open-air public park. I parked the old car at the far end parking lot. Chaz was out first and retrieved the Vaccinator from the back seat and began to open it.

"Not here." I spoke, looking around. "Over there. According to the map there's a nice group of bushes within line of sight of the protest." I stopped and gaped at him. "Dude you're still an alien you're going to draw attention to us. "

He pulled out a winter hat and put it on his head. "Magic hat."

"Magic what now?" I asked.

"This hat has a filter that shows that I'm human. It hides all my alien parts from humans' eyes. We do this all the time. If you see guys wearing toques in the summer they are probably aliens or Canadians.

"Got it so hipsters are aliens. Makes sense." I drew in a deep breath. "Chaz let's just get this thing over with."

"After this is over can we get ice cream?"

"If it makes you quiet then yes," I replied as I locked the car door, both doors. This thing is like 40 years old, no electric key fob. Not like anyone's going to steal this hunk of crap.

We found our way over to the bushes I had found on the map and set up our base. He carried both the Vaccinator bag and the tablet. Chaz tapped a few commands on the tablet and a drone flew in from somewhere. The screen lit up. "Twenty-Five targets are here" Chaz whispered. Thanks, people, for making this test easy.

I pulled out the rifle and went through my pre-shot routine. Chaz reached out and put something on the end of the rifle. It looked, well a silencer. "These things don't work and reduce accuracy. Take it off." I whisperer

"Look through the sight. It's linked to the drone. Will tell you who still needs to be vaccinated. It is called a Deflipper. And yes, it will work as a silencer, no it doesn't affect accuracy" Chaz whispered as he flew the drone over closer to the crowd.

I looked through the sight and a small red dot appeared on each target. The sight turned green when clear to fire. I fired the first shot and it worked. No one heard the shot. Within 20 minutes, we had tagged the whole party, and no one knew. Though they were all looking around for the swarm bugs that just attacked them. Perfect test. The Vaccinator is an awesome piece of hardware. Wonder if I can keep it.

We packed up and looked at where to go next on our list. It was another park on the opposite side of town. We headed back to the old Rabbit and climbed in. "Don't you humans name your steeds?" Chaz asked. "I'm going to call this car Hopper."

"We are not naming this hunk of junk."

"Why are you so grumpy. Did your parents leave you or something?" he asked.

"Ice-cream?" I asked as a distraction.

"One of those winter storms with the little coloured chocolates from the queens place please." He said.

"One winter storm coming up." Something I learned from having my neighbours over, to shut up a kid you just feed them junk food. What could go wrong?

To Be Continued…


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