Review of FallOut: New Vegas - New Frontier for the PC
By: Jim Small

Let us hold for a second partner. I suspect some of you have never played Fallout New Vegas or any of the Fallout games. You love First Person Shooters (FPS)? Do you love intricate story lines that have multiple ending possibilities? You love an open world? If you answered yes to one or all of these questions then get a move on and pick up a copy of any Fallout game. Doesn't matter what order you play them in, just play them.

Fallout: New Vegas has the distinguished status of being the most loved of all the Fallout series and returns to the spotlight with a new DLC, New Frontier. New Frontier was just recently released by . This new addition boasts three major story lines, fifty plus side quests and an install size just shy of the original game.

You return to the Nevada dessert as The Courier along with splinter factions of the NCR (Exiled NCR), The Brotherhood of Steel (The Crusaders) and the Legion (Northern Legion). Scattered throughout this new lands are bands of scavengers and slavers because as we all know only the strong survive in Fallout.

New bosses, new weapons, aerial and arena combat are just some of the new content contained in the New Frontier DLC. Updated graphics and visual effects and scripted cut scenes. Which in my opinion, is the only one that counts, the biggest and best feature of New Frontier are the scripted cut scenes.

New Frontier can be found at . While the full game can be found along with the other fallout game.

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