Post-Astronaut Blues
By: John Grey

The one who has seen everything
returns to Earth
where everything's the same old nothing.

The launching pad hasn't changed.
The scientists who saw him off
are the ones there for his homecoming.

Same apartment near the base.
Same girlfriend even though
she added purple tints to her hair.

Same car. Same neighborhood.
Same place he gets his coffee.
Same lousy football team he follows.

The journey into outer space
never veered once from
the unimaginable, the breathtaking.

The journey on earth
is as depressing, as discouraging,
as redundant, as yesterday's footprints.

Command says his exploring days are through,
time to enjoy the comfort,
the certainties of home.

But he'd much prefer the comfort
of discomfort, the certainty of uncertainty.
He'd rather slit his wrists

than settle on predictability.
For he knows nothing of the afterlife.
And there's no better reason to die.


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