By: Gabriella Balcom

"My smorgasbord," Matt murmured, snickering to himself. He slowly drove down the street, looked the prostitutes up and down, cataloging each one's attributes. He'd made some particularly large sales at work today and his boss had surprised him with a sizable cash bonus. Even though he hadn't expected the gesture, he'd known immediately just how he'd use the money.

Valentine's Day was only days away, but he had no sweetheart to be with or buy anything for. He didn't like boundaries anyway, and never confined himself to any one female.

A stunning blonde strolled by, ignoring him. Unlike the other women who were scantily clad, she wore slacks and a blouse. They were form-fitting, highlighting her lush bust and curves, but she didn't call out to passers-by or even look at them.

Matt called out to her and got a frosty glance in reply. If anything, he thought she picked up her pace.

Slightly peeved at the rejection but still more than a little intrigued, he parked his vehicle and hurried in the direction she'd gone. She rounded the corner, vanishing into a dark alley. He followed, cocking his head in curiosity when she glanced over her shoulder at him before entering an abandoned warehouse through the side door.

Matt went in, too, and found her standing inside, facing his direction.

The blonde silently studied him, reached up to fiddle with the top button of her shirt, and undid it.

"Now that's more like it," he thought, giving her a smile as she unfastened another.

"You want me, huh?" Matt asked. He smirked when she completely disrobed.

Feeling light-headed later, along with an unusual weakness, he wobbled on his feet. His companion laughed, and he demanded, "Are you the reason I feel weird?"

"Yes." She smacked her lips. "I have big plans for you."

"What'd you do to me?"

"Only what any good succubus would." Planting her mouth on his, she kissed him again, draining more of his life force; his face began to hollow.

She plunged her fist into his chest, yanking out his heart. "Yummy," she crooned, slowly licking it.

Matt's eyes widened. With one last grunt, he collapsed to the ground.

The succubus laughed as she removed his other organs, set them aside for later cooking, and cut off his genitals.

Soon, her prey was nothing but a lifeless husk.

The End


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