The Writer's Wish
By: Timothy Law

You hear a hedge clipper far off trimming back the brush that surrounds the church grounds. You duck under the arch in the greenery and head over to the open doors. Mournful music spills out from within making you wonder why you are being drawn nearer and nearer. Curious you enter and discover so many of your loved ones, family who are friends and those friends that became like family. You wander down the aisle moving between so many people you love and care about. You move to greet them one by one but no face turns your way. That is until at a pew in front there is a lady you don't recognise.

"Welcome!" she says and gives you a beaming smile. "Come, sit, I've saved you a front row seat."

You sit. You see the coffin at the front and listen to the preacher preach. The pipe organ suddenly bursts into life and you are surprised to discover it is your favourite hymn.

You join in the singing, loud and off key as usual. Only the lady covers her ears, but she is chuckling to herself, loving that you're enjoying the moment.

Then the preacher calls forth your closest friend and the words that follow bring tears to your eyes; So many special memories.

"Quite a life you've had," murmurs the lady. "You should write a book."

"I have!" you say, to which the lady nods sagely to show she knew that already. "Who are you?" you ask, curious, perhaps a little afraid of what the answer will be.

"I am the one who will take you to the place where there is no writer's block, where every sentence is gold and every publisher says YES."

"Sounds like heaven," you reply.

The lady winks before rising from the pew. She wanders toward a light you have now noticed has been shining beyond preacher, beyond your loved ones, beyond the church. It is your next chapter. You rise too and follow after, knowing this is NOT the end of your story.

The End


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