Summoning a Demon
By: Gabriella Balcom

Gilda stood in the inverted pentegram, lit black candles, and burned mandrake and wormwood. Visualizing the witch-hunters who'd killed most of her coven, she sacrificed a goat, and imagined her revenge.

"Bad idea," her fellow witch, Tyria, murmured. Iva nodded.

Ignoring them, Gilda yelled, "Tegrat, I summon you!"

The ground shook. A massive, horned demon with glowing-red eyes appeared in a cloud of smoke. "Puny witch, you're an idiot," he boomed. Thrusting his clawed hands into Tyria and Iva's chests, he yanked out their hearts.

"No!" Gilda screamed. "You're supposed to obey!"

He strugged. "Tegrat might have, but I'm Asmodeus."

The End


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