Hey gang, and welcome to this month's commentary. Much like the last twelve months, we remain locked inside due to the Covid pandemic with nothing to do as a family or otherwise. I was recently talking with my oldest daughter, Zoie, and how it had been an entire year since we had gone to our favorite movie theater and enjoyed a new feature film.

For a long time, before Coronavirus hit, we would have a movie night and go see a new flick every Wednesday. But that was over a year ago now, and we consider a coffee run as a family outing or a shopping trip to Target as an adventure.

So, why do I bring this up, you may ask.

Because, on the brink of another possible horrible year, I come to you and ask all of you who read my words to please never give up hope. People forget just how powerful that four-letter word actually is. It is debatable whether it is as strong as that other four-letter word.

Even when you see no possible light in a very dark situation, remember to never stop fighting, even when a battle seems lost. There is always hope—unless you stop the fight and you alone have total control of that. And, that knowledge alone should give you some comfort in knowing "you" are in control.

Working back at the hospital has really changed my look on, not only this pandemic but life itself. Last month, I was reintroduced to the medical field and the dark real horror that is the Coronavirus. I saw and heard things that I will not bring to the public, but they are burned into my memory forever. But, I noticed that those who did not allow fear of the pandemic to rule over their existence seemed happier (or at the very least more tolerable to the world around them).

Cling to that hope you have inside of you, my friends, even if it is tiny equivalent to the size of a mustard seed. We are heading to the light toward the end of the tunnel; now, am I saying this will be over tomorrow? No. But, I am saying that I have seen first hand that there is an active change in things. At the same time, I believe we will be stuck wearing PPEs for the rest of the year. I also foresee that we will be returning to dining indoor, going back to the gym, and watching new movies at the box-office as it was intended to be consumed.

Keep your head up, keep the faith, and hold that hope close to your heart.

As we move toward the conclusion of this month's commentary, I promise that next time we meet, I will bring more business issues to the table, like the minutes to the first meeting of the newly assembled Board of Directors and a new book to be released from our very own Walter G. Esselman titled, SuperHorror Max!

But for now, I will put this little bug in your ear. As a California resident, it was recent brought to my attention that our Governor may be facing a recall and would open the door to a plethora of possible wannabes to step up and campaign for his job.

Now, I have been teasing for a while about my interest in politics for some time… Perhaps, just perhaps, if he does, in fact, get recalled as Governor of California… I might announce my candidacy for that office as the Independent Party's candidate.

Hey, who knows, I make a mean budget from time to time.

Be well and be kind to each other!

With respect to you all!

David K. Montoya
Chairman & CEO, The JayZoMon/Dark Myth Company