Disclose the Multitude

By: Kevin Magnus

Move forward into the void,
Never knowing where to go;
Nothingness left all destroyed.

The masses were fooled from the true plan,
False promises as an offering;
To betray all that we know of man.

Unavoidable chaos now comes in as waves,
With wars, battles and destruction left in its wake;
Before it was realized, we are now all slaves.

But they cheer in unity with a blind faith,
They continue to mask events before them;
Never to be visited by their own wraith.

Self Righteousness galore in their misplaced pride,
With their greedy hands out wanting more and more;
They all drained the masses until they all died.

In the end, it was never about good versus evil,
As we all thought, and the winners stand on top of the stage;
It was simply control and to divert an upheaval.


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