The Chosen
By: Destiny Eve Pifer

It started when no one was looking. A modern-day witch hunt that left a chosen few fearing for their lives. How it began, no one quite knew. For Leia Markes, it began with a horrifying dream in which she was being strapped to a table and a tube inserted up her nose. She could still remember how real it felt. The pain and agony she felt in that dream would continue to haunt her. She awoke soaked in sweat and gasping for air. It wasn't until she was in the bathroom splashing cold water on her face that she noticed the strange mark on her wrist. Leia examined her wrist closely and found it to resemble a dark orange circle with a black dot in the middle. She frantically scrubbed at the mark only to find that it would not come off.

Terrified, she ran to her room and quickly dressed. Had she injured herself and just didn't notice it? She was about to phone the doctor when an alert suddenly popped up on her phone. The government was rounding up anyone who had developed a strange mark on their wrist. People who had the mark were being asked to contact the number on the screen. Though there was a part of her that was terrified of the strange mark; there was an even bigger part of her that was terrified of what the government was planning to do to those who had it. Was this an alien attack? Or a part of a bigger plan? The only thing Leia knew was that she had to keep herself hidden from any government official.

However, as quickly as it had developed, Leia soon found the circle on her wrist growing larger. Before she knew it, she was throwing up and fighting one hell of a fever. Something was wrong, and her fear of the unknown was proving to be greater than her fear of the government. She was changing, and she could feel it. She made her way to her car and began to drive, not knowing where she was heading. Something was calling out to her. As she drove, the pain inside began to grow worse. Soon she was feeling dizzy, and the road ahead seemed to blur. Behind her, red and blue sirens blared, but still, she did not stop until she found herself at a roadblock.

Two police cruisers were blocking the path ahead. As the cops drew their weapons and slowly came near, Leia looked down at her hands, which were now brown and scaly looking. She looked at her eyes and found that no longer were they the perfect shade of blue but were instead turning black. Suddenly she found herself wishing for the officers to burst into flames, and the moment they did, she felt nothing but satisfaction. Any fear she had before was gone. Soon she was standing in a field surrounded by others like herself. A new race had now been chosen.

The End


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