By: Gabriella Balcom

Strolling from one of the banquet tables to another, Gary surveyed the wide array of foods. Members of this church prepared a Christmas feast for the homeless every year, So did several other congregations in town. He had a nice home and wasn't anywhere close to being needy, but the idea of free food appealed to him, so he always went wherever it was offered.

After filling his plate, he grabbed a chair, deciding to eat outside.

A black cat padded up to him within moments, mewling plaintively.

"Quit begging and go catch something," he snapped. Not a fan of felines—of any living creature, really—Gary kicked it, and it fled.

He was considering going back for seconds when the animal reappeared, walking toward him across the grass. Scowling, he went for the BB gun he kept in his truck, then chased his target across the church's lawn and into a meadow.

When he shot the cat, it flinched. After he fired a second time, it yowled loudly, and dozens of felines emerged from the nearby forest.

Gary aimed at another animal, pulling the trigger. He frowned when it acted as if nothing had occurred.

The cats slunk in his direction, surrounding him and ignoring his continued shots at them. Their bodies shimmered, and they began growing larger, soon looming over him. One raked him with its claws, drawing blood. Another bit him.

Yelling for help, Gary tried to run away, but the animals batted his legs out from under him, continuing their attack.

He was still screaming as the felines drug him into the woods. There, they ripped his body apart, feasting on it piece by piece.

The End


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