Good Night Delilah

By: Alice Grim Rose

"Yes. Yes, I did kill Caroline. Why you may ask? She found out my secret, and she was going to tell some very disrespectful people. So I had no choice… Caroline, so perfect with her wavy red hair and perfectly shaped face, she was the perfect image of an angel. Maybe, a little too perfect, you might say. Stop fussing! Do you want to hear the story or not, Delilah? I thought so.

It all started about a week ago when it was a dark and stormy night. I was at home watching the news; apparently, some 6-year-old girl got kidnapped 3 towns over. I was startled; who would want to hurt a child? But that just reminded me of the sick people my parents were. My dad was an alcoholic, and my mom was always doing hardcore drugs. Almost every night, my dad would get drunk and beat the hell out of me, and all my mom did was sit beside him and watch. Because she was too stoned to do a damn thing about it!

The mornings after he would beat me, my mom would take me to the hospital, claiming I broke my arm falling down the stairs. She would even lie to protect him! My father, a no-good rat! I had to run away; I had to escape because I knew that if I didn't, he was going to kill me.

I eventually fell asleep thinking about these awful things; I tossed and turned all night.

I woke up the next morning, and that morning was like any other. I made a coffee and sat on my front steps, watching the sunrise. I saw all the birds awaken and even saw some owls slowly fall asleep curled up next to their loved ones. I have no one to share a seat with, no one to cuddle up with on cold nights. I have no friends and no family, I am alo-.

Delilah, calm yourself. You're going to pass out again if you keep that up. No one can hear you. Don't you want me to finish the story? Ah, I know. You just want to get to the end, don't you? And find out what happened to Caroline? Well, you have to be patient, because if I tell you the ending now, you won't understand. Sometimes it's about the journey Delilah and not the destination.

That day went by quickly. I got dressed and headed out to the office. My boss put me on an extra assignment that I do not intend to finish, by the way. The rest of my workday I spent doing paperwork and computer work. On my way home, I picked up pizza. They had just locked their doors as I got there. I knocked on the doors, and this woman came up and unlocked them. "Sorry sir, we are closed for the day," she said. Her voice almost made me swoon. It was sweet and angelic with a little sprinkle of salt. I could listen to her talk all day. I have only heard a voice as sweet within my dreams. I told her I had not eaten yet, and this was my last option, and I had nothing left at home. I said I would pay extra.

With enough of me twisting around my words, she finally said yes. I ordered a three-meat pizza and thanked the kind, gorgeous woman.

'Thank you so much for letting me in.' This woman was changed out of her uniform, but her soft red hair was still tied back in a bun, revealing her slim face. I asked if I could repay the favor somehow, maybe with dinner?

Hahaha. I wonder how much this hurts you, Delilah, me flirting with your now-dead sister. I'm sorry, I don't mean to brag about how I wiped your sister off of her feet. Literally. Do you want me to stop? Or do you want me to tell you how much your sister fell for me? How I lured her into my arms and broke her heart all in one week? Don't you want to know why I stabbed her repeatedly even after she was dead? Don't you want to know why! Then let me continue.

It was Tuesday, the day I met my angel named Caroline. I was going to take her out for dinner Friday night as soon as I got out of work. I went home with my pizza, grabbed a beer, and sat in front of the TV all night long. I watched a comedy show and then a drama, then I switched on the news. There was an update on the kidnapping that I heard about the day before. Apparently, the kidnapper left clues all over the state of where to find the young girl he has kidnapped. The clues are all coded, but the police have figured out how to decode all riddles that they can not crack. I then went to bed, and when I woke, it was Wednesday.

Are you excited, Delilah? To see how the story ends? Well, we are almost there. We have almost come to the end of our path, and you will know the truth Delilah, you will soon know.

I woke up Wednesday morning and did not eat or drink anything. I went straight to the couch and turned on the news. I don't know why, but something in the back of my head told me to watch the news, and I now know why. Last night they decoded the rest of the kidnappers' messages with help from civilians, and they caught him. The kidnapper was in custody and being questioned. Apparently, the kidnapper came completely clean and confessed to everything, even the murder of 6-year-old Lindsey Conner, the child he had kidnapped. The clues that he had left all gave hints that this was just a publicity stunt, the press was all over him, social media was all over him. But within a couple days, that wore away, right Delilah? You know who I'm talking about, don't you?

Now, this is where the idea came, to let's say, stow away your sister Caroline. If you break the law, everyone adores you. Some people become famous throughout the centuries, don't they? I want that. I want to be famous and loved. Because at the time, I had nobody Delilah, nobody! I was a miserable wreck! Wake up, sit on the porch and drink coffee, go to work, and then come home and watch the news for the rest of the night. That was my life for three years, Delilah! Three whole lonely years. I was sick of it!

I could not wait until Friday to see my beloved Angel Caroline again, I knew where she worked, and I marched right over there. I was hoping and praying that she worked that day because I would have to wait until Friday if she didn't. I could not wait that long to be famous! My plan was to steal away Caroline, make her fall for me then we could run away together, away from the rest of the world. You may be asking, "well, you can't run away and be famous at the same time." Oh, don't you worry, your pretty little head Delilah, I thought of that. If someone commits a great crime, they will be wanted all over the world, no matter where they might be. I could move to the south pole, and they would still be looking for me! My personal fame may not last long, but the sad, heartbreaking feelings and memories that I have left with families is enough for me. They will remember me, and always will.

I burst into the pizza place and saw my beautiful angel standing behind the counter. 'Come back for some more pizza?' She said to me with a wink; there was no one else in the store at the time, so I stole her away. I must say she did put up quite a fight for such a petite young woman. I ended up with some bruises of my own.

I had nowhere in my house to hide her where no one would see her or hear her scream, so I put her in my basement. She did not appreciate that, but I told her it was for her own good. I have some nice comfortable furniture down here if I must say so myself, Delilah.

Caroline said some cruel things to me, I left her down there for the rest of the day without food. The next morning I came down to check on her with some breakfast. I do like to take care of my guests. I was willing to forgive Caroline for the way she had previously treated me. I know it is hard to be pulled into a different lifestyle so quickly. Throughout the day, I went down and checked on her. Every time I checked on her, she tried to escape, so I ended up having to tie her to a chair.

In fact, Delilah, it's the exact same chair you are sitting in at this very moment. Do you feel close to her here? Don't bother trying to get out of that duct tape. It's not going to work. I doubt you're as smart as your sister.

Now, I had Caroline, but I still needed people to worry about her. I needed someone who loves her to have the smallest bit of hope that nothing will happen to Caroline. So I sent my fingerprints to the police, saying that the person who matches this fingerprint is the person who kidnapped the beautiful Caroline Blackwell. I know I'm not in their system though, I have never been arrested. All I gave them was a bucket of false hope.

I woke up the next morning, and it was Friday. Today was going to be amazing. I would go to work then let Caroline out of the basement so we could have a beautiful candlelit dinner tonight. That's when I would tell her my plan for us to run away together. I went down to say good morning to her, and I left the basement door open behind me. As soon as I got close to her, she kicked me and ran out the door. I have no clue how in the hell she got out of the duct tape holding her to that chair! But that must be why I love her because she is so feisty.

But I got up, and she was gone, the front door was locked, but the window was open. I had to catch her. I had no choice. Because if I didn't she would tell the police and they would arrest me! I could not let that happen. My fame would be gone in a matter of days! But she could not have gone far.

I left my house and saw her turn the corner a couple blocks up. I followed her to this small cube-like house. I heard a shriek of joy, and I knew someone else was with her. I ran up to the front door and turned the handle; no one was smart enough to lock it. And guess who I saw in there with Caroline? Hmmm, let's see.

Oh, I saw you, Delilah! I saw you and you and Caroline tried to tackle me to the ground. But that did not work very well, did it? Since you're sitting strapped up in my basement and your sister was in the morgue. I managed to knock you both out, and when you woke up, you were here, screaming and carrying on! And when Caroline woke up, she was in her own bathtub, and I stabbed her over and over. I thought she loved me! How could she betray me? But I could not let her live because if she escaped me again, I might not be able to catch her. So yes, Delilah, I did kill your sister. Slowly and painfully. And that's what I'm going to do to you!

Yes, I did think about sparing your life, replacing your sister, but you're just not the same. You both have soft red hair and porcelain skin, but… You're not an angel. Your sister was.

You could have stayed out of this whole situation, but you didn't, did you? You just had to be the hero! Well, how has that worked out for you so far, huh? You are sitting here in my basement tied to a chair! The only smile you will have for a very long time is the one I made you out of duck tape!

When you see your sister, send her my regards."

Goodnight Delilah


The End


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