Time to Concede
By: Kevin Magnus

Of late all I want to do is concede,
For the lives of the people I impede.

With all of those who had forget me until needed,
I go to was in expectations far exceeded.

No thoughts on a standard hello,
Again, here to help I bestow.

With words of, do, give, loan and help is what I hear,
Not understanding, you are not the puppeteer.

You all are guilty, knowing or not,
Comes the inevitable onslaught.

Now sitting in the shadows waiting,
With a smile and accommodating.

Incarcerated myself in a self imposed prison,
Ready to react in a situation arisen.

Watching everyone from afar,
With a cold as a wrecking bar.

Listening to all the heartless words spoken, "It's his fault."
Refusing responsibility almost by default.

I will burden the responsibility of whatever you require me to be,
Just so all of you may constantly continue your parsimonious life carefree.

But beware, and forewarned, this will not last forever,
For as my caring nature is starting to sever.

I am not a thing on the shelf nor a souvenir,
Once my limit is met, I will simply disappear.


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