By: Kevin Adams

DISCLAIMER:Please be advised before reading further that this story has been suggested to have an 'R' rating due to adult situations and distrubing content described within and may be triggering.


Another typical night at the clinic for the doctor and nurse. A young worried mother enters and asks for an abortion. A monetary transaction to end another innocent life. Just business as usual in an all too heartless world, except in her case the mother had waited almost too late.

This time it would have to be a full-term abortion. Moments from starting life.

Normally, the office didn't take late term abortions, but the look of fear and worry in the mother's eyes as she pleaded for them to perform the process was enough to cause them to listen. Her hundred-dollar bills were now being neatly displayed out on the counter and it was twice what the process cost, her sweaty desperate hands didn't bother to count them out. She softly whispered into the doctors' ear and his eyebrows arched.

He gently smiled and suddenly reconsidered. His nurse grunted in disapproval, but this job was one she needed so desperately to feed her own young family. She was fresh out of medical school and wanted to make a difference in lives, but this particular visit felt like pure murder for money.

Guiding the young mother to a small triage room where the process would begin, he waved his nurse to grab the usual tools. She gathered forceps, vacuum and curette onto the steel tray for the doctor. She was beginning to wheel it over to the patient when the doctor whispered into her ear 'Grab the scissors as well'. Her shocked eyes were her only protest in that moment.

'Just go get them' Dr. Muris growled angrily at her.

Sarah's mind raced with her own fear as she placed them on the sterile metallic tray, this WAS murder.

Dear Lord, he was going to kill an almost born baby for money. What kind of monster did she work for all these years? Had he done this before her? She had always thought he was a religious man of a higher standard, that he was a pastor at a local church.

Was his statement a lie?

As her mind raced her concentration was broken by the mother's screams as she went into full labor.

'Dammit the baby is coming now!' Dr. Muris shouted. 'We have to work quickly and precisely, or it could mean certain death.' Sarah muttered 'It already is' His eyes flashed in rage at her and he leaned in over the mother to start delivery.

He had the head still inside of the mother, so still not quite born. Legally anyways.

As the doctor reached back to feel for the medical tray it was a couple inches too far for his bloody gloved hands. Sarah refused to be a part of this and wouldn't scoot it closer to him, she only stood at the mother's sweaty head trying to comfort her.

Dr. Muris left the bloody infant dangling there from its mother, its tiny neck exposed and ready for the scissors to cut. Shoving away from the bloody scene there was a moment that a tinge of fear streaked down the nurse's body as the bloodied doctor stood, angrily grabbed the scissors off the tray and was heading directly to kill the infant. His rage would now sever this little life and she would bear witness, he then stomped furiously cross the room towards it.

His footing failed him as he slipped and fell forward, he released the scissors into the air and reached out to grab onto anything, which in this case was a fetus waiting to be born. An abrupt yank was all the small thing needed to enter this world and to be considered living and protected. He scooped it up and muffled its cries with one hand and with the other hand motioned to the nurse.

Dr. Muris' voice was still calm as he asked her to take 'it' down the hall and dispose of the medical waste and that caused Sarah to have even more fear than before. Sarah left the room as the doctor was telling the young mother that the procedure was a success. Had everyone gone mad here?

As the nurse carried this 'waste' down the hall for disposal, she knew that if she disobeyed the doctor in any way it would mean the loss of her job. Her terrified mind switched to sorrow as she carried the infant down the long sterilized hallway. It writhed in her arms, moving, living and breathing, but not yet crying. She suddenly realized that this poor little infant boy was about to face death alone and that it was her job to deliver the death sentence.

Sarah couldn't directly kill him, so she put him into a plastic container and put the lid on, this was the normal procedure for disposing of waste so perhaps it wouldn't feel so abnormal. Shoving it into the medical cabinet she sighed, into the darkness it went, and the thin white doors were closed. All that entered her mind at this moment was one word.


For a few moments she sat there listening to the muffled cries and the shuffling of the naked child in the black abyss of abandonment. All of her morals and training went against this very moment and she was mortified that she was required to walk away as if this situation didn't exist.

She made her way back down the hall and helped the doctor clean up the aftermath and informed the doctor of her actions. Sarah cringed as he actually looked relieved and wiped his face clean of all the blood. His normal gentle smile returned as if he had just done something wonderful and she almost puked on him, yet she choked it back.

As they cleaned, her mind continually went back to the small life that was slowly dying in the shadows and with no source of comfort.

That newborn child was given nothing.

He never got a name, no blanket, not even cleaned up from the operation.

All he was ever given was maybe 20 minutes of air.

Dr. Muris eventually started gathering his things and acted as if nothing had ever happened, He began to leave and as he did, his eyes were as grave and cold as never before. He said to her in a calm monotone voice 'Close down the office and go home, I'll deal with the waste in the morning'. As the office door swooshed closed Sarah stood there in shock for several moments. In her mind all she could hear was the ticking of the clock.

Sarah noticed the money was still on the counter, they had forgotten to collect it up. Now, her mind was horrified at the thought of just plain murder for no cost. He had shown no interest in the money, because normally he was a 'by the book doctor' and always collected payment before a procedure.

Tick, tick, tick.

Seconds, minutes. All this precious time had been passing.

She snapped herself out of it and ran to the back of the clinic, the sound of her quickened steps echoed in the hallway that somehow seemed longer than before. She went to the closet and found the plastic waste bin where she had left of what felt like hours ago. There were no cries, no shuffling sounds of any type coming from the cold opaque container and as she rapidly peeled back the lid there was a small bluish curled little boy. Dead. Small tiny fingernail marks were etched onto the lid and sides proving that his struggle had been in vain.

Large tears began running down her cheek unchecked as she wept over what she saw. She picked up the cold little body and held it to her chest and apologized for what she had done as she slowly began to sing to it. Sarah's shattered frail mind even believed she heard a cry. She ignored all else but this poor lost little life, she began swaying back and forth as she stood there. Continuing her soft somber lullaby her weeping continued, she had decided that in the morning she would turn the doctor into the authorities and leave the thoughts of this event behind forever.

Again, a small cry from the being in her arms came out louder and more like a screech for air. All the science in her brain shoved to the side as her heart filled with a small amount of hope as she looked down at the baby in her arms. It started squirming again and this time more violently and by the time she realized what she held in her arms, it was too late.

Her body froze as she gazed upon tiny little razor-sharp teeth, tiny little horns suddenly sprouting from an infant's skull and where there was blue skin, there was now reddish leathery hide. Its little body started to get hotter and hotter as its skin began glowing read with heat.

She now understood why the Mother was here, she now understood why the religious doctor didn't take the money.

This was a demon spawn, a son of the devil himself. Sarah would be his first meal.

Dear Reader,

This story was sadly based in reality, I had read an article that a nurse had written, and it caused me great sadness, in fact there were several times that I wept as I wrote this story. I wanted to be a voice for this little life, I wanted to give him revenge for what transpired and perhaps bring his spirit some peace. Please find a link below to one source that will provide an alternative to abortion.

The End


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