Memories Past by Tony James


Memories Past
By: Tony James

In a state too familiar, I'm all alone again;
I have no friends, just an empty space.
The place I want to get to seems out of reach,
And I don't really want to speak upon it,
Because it takes me into deeper thought.

Like, what if I were a 'Ladies Man',
And had a different girl every night?
When I went home, would I still feel alone?
What if life were to grant me this:
Ten million dollars with just one wish.
Would I be okay not having anyone to share it with?

Deeper in thought, like if my picture were painted,
Would it display various shades of grey?
Or, someday when I'm old and spent,
And reflecting on the way my life went,
Or the paths that I may have chosen,
Did I embrace those moments that were golden?
Or am I still holding onto memories past?

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