The End: Story One - Homecoming By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

It was pointed in the direction of the trailer's back yard and I rushed that way. When I turned the corner and found myself in the yard, it looked surprisingly exactly the way I remembered it, from all those years ago. As I cautiously made my way across the yard, the sound of muffled cries reached my ears. I came to another corner of the trailer and peeked around it, looking into the shadows and there they were, behind the trailer, next to a wooden gate. All of them--Richard and the girls, as well as my kids and Renee. There was also another person with the group, but in the deep shadows, I couldn't get a good look at their face. They were all tied up and gagged, but seemed to be conscious and alive.

I then made a fatal mistake as I rushed over to them. I removed Richard's gag and he looked up at me with fearful eyes, then yelled something, but I didn't have a chance to comprehend what he said, because at that point, everything went black!

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