The Mongers of Fear
By: Kevin Magnus

News of a pandemic swept the globe
Something man made a scientist probed.

Fear of the unknown ran wild with the young and old,
We wanted to survive and bought everything sold.

Wear a mask it will save your life, well, okay maybe not,
With all the confusion, we ask was there more to this plot?

The people in charge said we would all die
Listen to us and the end won't be nigh.

Stay inside your house and lock your doors,
And for God sakes do not go out into stores!

All of civilization comes to a stop and ends,
But united alone in our homes the world pretends.

Lost are our freedoms that we once took for granted,
As the people become very disenchanted.

Alone and imprisoned for a crime we did not commit
We see the guilty point fingers and will never admit.

Then there was a moment of hope, “let's reopen the world,”
Finally, stepped out in the warm sun and while the wind swirled.

The powers that be preferred us under their thumb
So, we are forced back into the house back on our bum.

Hopelessness and depression begins to set in deeper
And some gave up and decided to go join the Reaper.

Will this ever be over, and gather in groups more than three,
With fear mongers in control, we may truly never be free.


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