The Dreaded Lullaby
By: Jeff R. Young

Hiding beyond your future, lurking out of sight
Hidden from the world behind the eyelids of the night
It's no fantastic fairy tale, no lovely lullaby
Here it is that darkness reigns as the creatures' cry

Sleep is the seductress, but rest is never found
There is no flight of fancy when this monster comes around
Your orbs they move so rapidly, behind the eyelids of your head
Where once you felt safe, but now you don't, under the blankets of your bed

It begins ever so serenely, as you're seduced by sleeps caress
But no one could know the seeds that sown or the horror about to transgress
This world is not your own as your lack of will shall take its toll
And the fear that stands and spreads its wings will be assuming all control

This world is filled with danger but detached from reality
When the shadows emerge, it's plain to see that things are not what they ought to be
That tingling down your spine is the claws of a hungry beast
Undead things shamble around, hoping to add you to their feast

These aren't the dreams of some blissful sleep
These are the terrors that your mind will keep
I dream up these horrors each and every night
Just to awake in the morning with my soul frozen in fright

I am a slave to the sandman, not a keeper of my dreams
I dream of bloody lullabies and giant spiders in the trees
My body strives to stay alive as I slowly start to wither
My eyes snap open and destroy that curse, but all I can do is shiver


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