By: David K. Montoya

Shelly was snuggled on the couch as she watched her favorite Halloween movie, it was routine to watch those sorts of flicks before her husband Tommy got home. He was a big chicken when it came to scary things and avoided them like a plague.

They had been married for more than a decade and no matter how hard she tried; Shelly could never get Tommy to remain seated long enough to watch her favorite genre. An unspoken agreement was made, as she would watch all the horror flicks, she wanted while he was at work and Tommy would watch NASCAR in his man cave—with the door closed.

It was around that time, Tommy walked into the front door, his hair disheveled and his face flushed. He found his wife settled in. Behind a wanting smile, he said, "Hey you. Let's go into the bedroom."

Shelly surprised that her husband was a good twenty minutes early, stared at him with a raised eyebrow. "Well hello to you too, sexy butt… Why are your clothes still clean?"

Tommy paused and looked at Shelly with hungry eyes. Finally, he said in a soft tone, "I was in the office all day. Let's go back into the bedroom and celebrate."

What is he up to, Shelly questioned. Why is he acting so weird.

"C'mon," Tommy said as he rushed past her. Shelly noted that he was in such a hurry forgot to close the front door.

Oh God! Is he having an affair on me, Shelly thought?

Tommy stopped and turned to his wife with a smile. "Well? C'mon."

I'm being paranoid, Shelly thought and shook her head. I don't know why I always just too that conclusion without reason or cause.

"I don't wanna beg," Tommy said in a flirtatious voice. "But I will if it will get to you."

"Oh really now," Shelly said and smiled at her husband who was mid-shirt removal while he headed toward their bedroom.

"C'mon, Shell," Tommy said from the bedroom in an echo. "Don't make me wait for this, you know I will make it worth your while, babe."

"I will be right there, it's a new one I haven't seen yet," Shelly responded, and tried to refocus back on the television set in front of her.

"Push pause," Tommy said. "Pleeease."

"All right," Shelly said, flung back the blanket she was wrapped in, then stood from the couch and thumbed the control's buttons and tossed the device down. "Fine," she grumbled.

"C'mon," Tommy said excitedly from the bedroom. "I want you here with me!"

At the bedroom door, Shelly stopped, smiled seductively, and said playfully, "Oh yeah? How bad do you want me in there?"

It was at that moment, her husband walked into the house. He was tired and dirty but had a welcoming smile for his wife. "I'm home, what's for dinner, love?" he said softly.

Unable to speak, Shelly turned and looked into her bedroom and found it completely empty.

The End


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