Hello Mythkateers!

A lot has happened in my life since our last meeting, but I won't go into too much detail here, you can check in on my podcast Lupa's Bits and hear it all in its raw uncensored glory.

I will say I did start a basket business. You can see what I have so far at www.luhoobaskets.com. Just a bit of shameless self promotion, I do ship to the U.S.

This month's issue is, as always full of amazing tales, wonderful emotional poetry, and beautiful artwork. Please don't forget to vote and let the contributor know what you think.

Congratulations to Molly Liu for winning Member of the Month for her story The Flat Man's Guide to the Galaxy.

Our cover this month is by Boryana Ananieva, called Face your Fears. I find it rather appropriate as many of us have had to do just that during all of this pandemic stuff.

I know I have. Now that we are facing a second wave, all my fears are coming back. Fear of a second lockdown, fear of those who escaped the first round will get sick this time, fear of never seeing loved ones as our pods or bubbles get smaller, fear of never travelling again. So, I chose this as the cover, to not only remind myself, but everyone, that we have to face the things that scare us the most, in order to move past them and not let it control us.

That was a little deep for the intro to the magazine, but these are deep times. Summer has turned to Fall and usually during the dark time, we get more reflective and introspective. Our thoughts become deeper and we turn inward to analyze things we have put aside all summer. We spend more time inside as the days have become shorter and we have lost our light, so that plays a lot on our emotional well being, which has already been taxed with quarantine. Now more than ever we need to reach out, and reach in, lift ourselves up, and do what we can to lift up and support others.

I hope that you find some joy, some entertainment with the pages of our magazine. Every month our contributors put their best forward and present a variety for you to peruse and enjoy.

As always, until next month
Stephanie J Bardy
Editor of all she surveys

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