Galactic Apartments
By: David K. Montoya

Gorblog watched his holographic-projector while he listened to his roommates, Eroa and Auh-yum as they argued.

"I'm trying to enjoy the galactic news," Gorblog pleaded.

"Mind your own business, Gorgy,"Auh-yum screamed back.

"Might as well check another auto-transmission," Gorblog sighed. The next projection grabbed his immediate attention as a beautiful six-eyed Walleenian warned, "A meteoroid is heading straight for the Planet of Ure, get out while you can!"

Without a peep, Gorblog calmly stood, grabbed his belongings, he stopped at his roommates' door.

"Nah" Gorblog said and walked out the door of his Galactic Apartment.

The End


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