By: Matt McHugh

> Welcome to VelociRender WorldBuilder 7-day trial membership from:

<message> HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD! HAVE FUN!!! – CHRIS</message>

Hmm. Alright. Let me see how this works.

> Activate Trial and Enable Grid?

Ah, there it is. Ugh, that grid is so dark… I can't see anything.

> Settings: Brightness. Increase 100%.

That's better. Now we have Resources: Land, Oceans, Sky, Cosmos. They're all mixed up? Let me just separate them. OK, that's good.

Now for some mountains, valleys… rivers, oceans… some stars in the sky, Sun, Moon. Set Circadian Interval? Uh… 24 hours, I guess. That's good. I'm starting to get the hang of this.

> Enable Flora and Fauna? Use Polygon Creature Editor?

Yes. Whoa! That looks complicated. Let's start simple.

>>Select Shape? How about: Sphere.

> Distort Shape: Why not? Let's make X=300% and Z=50%. Huh. It's like a flattened oval now. Ohh! I have an idea!

>Select Shape: Triangle. Put that right on the end. Look, I made a fish! Let's make more.

> Copy > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste > Paste

There. A whole lot of fish. Now for a bird or two.

> Enable Creature Auto-Spawn?

Sure. That will speed things up. Wow, look at them go!

> Create Avatar? Use Profile Photo?

Sure, make him look like me! Hey there, little guy. Hm, he's naked. And cold, judging from the shrinkage. Let me fix that for you.

> Select Anatomy > Distort Shape: Y-Axis=200%.

There you go, stud. How about a mate?

> Copy > Paste

> Settings: Gender=Female.

Aw… that's adorable! Alright, kids, you go have fun!

<message>Lucy_666 wants to access your World… Yes/No?</message>

What? No. Go away. Now, let's see…

<message>Lucy_666 wants to access your World… Yes/No?</message>

What?! No! Get out of here.

> Admin: Settings: Block User: Lucy_666

Beat it, bub. So, what else can we do here?

> Admin: Avatar Options: Enable Autonomy?

Meh. That sounds risky. Let's just set it to 50%.

<message>Lucy_666 has updated Admin: Avatar Autonomy=200%</message>

What the hell? What are they doing? Ahh! My beautiful World! They messed it up! Oh no! This is terrible. I can't fix that. I've got to try again. Let me just keep a few examples so I don't have to start from scratch.

> Select Objects: Save to Archive.

> Admin: Global Settings: Clear.


Yes, unfortunately. I never want to have to do that again. I need some help.

<send message>Hey, Chris… it's Dad. Can you help me fix my World? It got all screwed up.</message>

He'll know what to do. My wife can help, too. The three of us can work together

"Grace? Hey, Grace! Come here and check out what I've done!"


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