Time Has Come
By: Kevin Magnus

End times have come,
We all play dumb.
A line is drawn in the sand,
Do not fear and take my hand.
Bombs and War are ready,
Existence unsteady.
Who is first to find the rider,
Slowly creepy like a spider.
Doomed is the human's interclass,
What is written must come to pass

End times is here,
Fate's hand appear.
We redefine the human condition,
As things of the past and their omission.
Humanity must continue with a meaningless life,
Being lead by an invisible piper and his fife.
All the cities become lost with crime,
Until our candles burn out with time.
All our hope is none,
Life itself is done.

End times are gone,
The coming of dawn.
Mankind misbegotten,
Now dead and forgotten.
Seasons continued without us,
Nature covers us like a truss.
City and buildings succumb to the terrain,
Memories washed away with the acid rain.
In the end, nothing remains of that final year,
Eventually all our footprints disappear.


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