Summer is winding down and kids are returning to classes, be it in an actual school or at the kitchen table at home.

This summer has seen some major changes and some not so major ones. Each and every one of us have been impacted by this pandemic one way or another. Change is hard, it hurts, and it can cause anxiety and distress. I know, I have gone through some major changes myself, in my personal life and in my professional life.

I want to clear the air on something that many have misconstrued. I didn't walk away from the podcast. It was a business decision to further my writing career. Yes, I'm a podcaster, I am an editor, but first and foremost, I am a writer. I had forgotten that. I have books that need to be written. Contracts that I must fulfill and my publisher, who always has my best interests at heart, made the move to have dynamic duo of Jenna and Joe take over the show. I am still around, you can catch me on Lupa's Bits where you will get more of my personal thoughts and feelings, more of that carefree casual style you have come to know and love. I am not abandoning you, which, I know some of you have expressed to me, that is how you feel. I have complete faith in Jenna and Joe, and I know that they will keep the podcast going with the original feel that it was supposed to have from the beginning with Mike and I. It was meant to be a duo show. I was more than excited to hear their first episode and I hope you will all join me in listening to them. They did a fantastic job and their words touched me very much. I can't wait to see them again on my next trip to California.

That being said…that may not be for a while yet!!

But, amid all the tension, the changes and the chaos, we have, as always, brought you another jam-packed magazine.

Congratulations to Nora Jean Garcia for her winning piece The End and snagging Member of the Month for July.

Congratulations to Ta-Leah for having her artwork chosen for the cover.

Congratulations to Jeff R. Young for being chosen as Featured Article.

Speaking of Member of the Month, we have a little surprise for you.

Starting with July's winner, we will be rewarding the Member's of the Month with a T-shirt. (pictured below). Past winners may purchase one if they would like one.

MotM Shirt StephMotM Shirt

We are also offering ad space now starting as low as $5.00 a spot!!

I hope you enjoy our magazine this month, the new hosts of The World of Mythbits Podcast , (I know I do!) and tune into to hear me as always on Lupa's Bits!

Cya next month!!
Stephanie J. Bardy
Editor in Chief of Everything!

The fun never stops at The World Of Myth!..