By: Dawn Debraal

Kayla VanAirsdale wanted a pixie cut. She had very long hair that fell to her hips. Kayla suffered headaches from the weight of her heavy locks, and there was also a growth on the back of her head that her doctor showed concern. Kayla thought if she got her hair cut short, he would be able to view the growth easier.

Sally, from the salon, stood behind Kayla, gathering her locks into a rubber band.

"Are you sure? She questioned poised with a pair of shears.

"Yes," Kayla responded, feeling the instant lightening of her head as her hair fell away with the "locks of love" ponytail. There was a breeze on her neck, she shivered. Kayla flipped her head from side to side. She felt free of encumbrances. No more catching her hair under her elbow or having it blow into her mouth. It was gone.

Sally started snipping away, pulling her hair up cutting, then to the side, cutting with sharp scissors. Kayla could see the style taking shape and was excited about the new hairdo. Sally put some hair paste in her hands and scrunched Kayla's do, giving it a tousled look. Kayla could not believe the change. She smiled in the mirror.

"I feel a lump on the back of your head, and I am urging you to get that checked out." Sally said when they finished. Kayla thanked her, letting her know the lump was reason she had her hair cut so short. Sally wished her good luck with her next doctor appointment.

Dr. Denbar was now able to get a better look at the fast-growing nodule. He squeezed and prodded.

"It's so strange, I think we need to get an ultrasound to see what we are dealing with, and I will set up an MRI." He scheduled her appointments back to back for the following week.

Kayla convinced herself she had something horrible like cancer. The only thing worse than her fear of cancer was her fear of spiders. She worried about the protrusion at the back of her head. For as long as she could remember, she did have a growth back there. She was told it was a sebaceous cyst and not to worry about it. If it got to be a bother, they would remove it. So, Kayla ignored it until her brush caught it a few weeks ago. She realized it had become more significant.

Kayla tried to pull her hair apart and look in the mirror using another mirror. That ordeal didn't pan out. Reluctantly she called her physician and made an appointment which now resulted in even more tests.

It was hard to fall asleep that night. She tossed and turned. The lump hurt from being rubbed on her pillow. She no longer had her long hair to serve as a buffer. When Kayla woke the next morning, the lump at the back of her head had enlarged quite a bit overnight.

She ran to the bathroom using the two mirrors again, which yielded nothing in answers. All she could see was that her short hair lifted slightly. It was hardly noticeable, but Kayla knew it was there.

Stressed out, she called in sick to work. Kayla wasn't icky sick; she was emotionally ill. Since they knew she had a doctor's appointment the day before, no one would be suspicious of her taking a day off.

Kayla tried to keep herself occupied, watching television, she put her arm along the couch's length. She was settling in, thinking about a nap since she had no sleep last night. A daddy long leg spider ran up her arm. Kayla screeched, leaning forward. The protrusion at the back of her head opened its mouth and swallowed the spider. Kayla could feel the spider's legs tickling her, inside. Horrified, Kayla reached behind her, feeling the lump. There she found an opening.

Sticking her finger in the hole, she felt teeth, a tongue, and worst of all, a daddy long leg spider that grabbed her finger and rode it out of the opening. She flicked her hand, jumping off the couch, screaming as she ran in place, her hands flapping. She had an ugly suspicion she had discovered another mouth in the back of her head. Why? Was there an undeveloped twin living within her, making their presence known? She had read about them how the stronger twin absorbs the weaker, one.

The doorbell rang. Kayla had forgotten about Carl. He was coming over to see how things came out with her doctor. Kayla was not ready for company, but she couldn't send him away. Carl would think something happened with the doctor's appointment like she was dying or something. She couldn't let him worry about that scenario. Kayla went to the door to let him in, using her hand to smooth down the hair at the back of her head.

"Carl! Come in!" Kayla put on a fake smile. Carl planted a kiss on her lips.

"How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. The doctor is going to do more tests, so I still don't have an answer." Carl put his arms around her.

"Well, I guess we will have to be a little more patient. I love the new hairdo, by the way." Kayla invited him in. Carl sat on the couch.

"Wine?" Carl nodded his head. Kayla poured two glasses of wine, giving one to her boyfriend sitting down next to him. They sipped their wine talking. Kayla put her glass on the coffee table. Carl was so reassuring. She kissed him. Soon they were in each other's arms. Carl pulled Kayla in closer, smoothing her hair with his hand.

"Ouch!" he shouted, drawing back his hand. Blood oozed from his finger.

"What happened?" Kayla was stunned.

"I don't know, I was stroking your hair, and it felt like I got bit!" Kayla gasped, knowing full well what happened. She had no control over the other mouth.

"Let me get a bandage for you." She left Carl holding his hand up while she ran into the bathroom, returning with antiseptic and some gauze. Kayla fixed Carl up as good as new. She would not let him touch her hair. They moved to the bedroom.

Carl spooned Kayla after they'd made love. She felt a little less stressed now that Carl was here beside her. Kayla felt her body involuntarily fold backward as her new mouth savagely bit Carl, taking off his nose and then the rest of his face. It ripped out his neck, stifling Carl mid-scream. After that, whatever part the mouth wanted, it ate. Kayla couldn't stop its voracious appetite until it was sated.

"Oh, Carl! I'm so sorry," Kayla sobbed. She couldn't face the savagery turned to cry in her pillow when she heard sucking sounds like a malted through a straw. Something else had appeared to clean up Carl from her bedding. Helpless, she cried herself to sleep.

When Kayla woke the next morning, there was nothing left of Carl. She felt it was all a bad dream, but she also felt invigorated. The first thing Kayla did was to call her doctor and cancel the ultrasound and the MRI. She had never felt this alive in her life and wasn't about to give that feeling up.

As she got ready for work, she tousled her hair with the hand paste, accidentally brushing up against the lump wincing when she drew her hand back. It bit her. It needed to be fed. Running to the refrigerator, Kayla took out some cooked ham and held it to the opening. The mouth did nothing. She then tore open a package of raw hamburger. The mouth devoured everything Kayla fed it, screeching for more.

What was she to do, she had nothing to offer and the gnawing pain in her stomach made her faint from hunger?

Kayla thought about Bob, the cute copy machine guy at work. He had shown interest in her lately. Yes, Bob was a tasty morsel. She couldn't wait to get to work to show him her new hairdo.

The End


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