The Missing Unicorn in the Land of the Zombie Fairies—Part Eleven
By: David K. Montoya


Emma yanked a Dark Gnome off Olivia as it sat atop her head and pulled at her hair. She looked down at the nocturnal creature and noticed that its eyes stood out from the darkness, as they were darker than the pitch-black void they were trapped in.

But, at that moment, there was a sudden flash of light that caused the Dark Gnomes to fall in pain.

"What in the World was that, Em," Olivia puzzled as the two sisters turned toward the direction of the flash of light.

"I don't know, Livi," Emma said and launched the Dark Gnome into the unknown landscape. They watched as another flash of light traveled out in a wave like an ocean's water met a sandy beach. It was then the sisters discovered that it was there brother, Billy, who raced toward and eventually collided with the glowing swirl of light.

"What is he doing," Emma thought out loud.

Olivia shrugged, although it was too dark for anyone to have noticed it. "He looks like he's trying to jump inside the light."

"He's trying to break into the captive light with his armor," Theo said softly.

Billy's heart raced as he moved closer toward the glowing swirl of light once more. With a loud clank, the armor's metal met the target, a small, uncomfortable electrical surge nipped at his skin, and once again, another wave of light washed over the dark land.

Once, what seemed like a magnetic current released Billy, he dropped to one knee and took a moment to regather his wits. It took more from him than expected. The magic which forged the armor was powerful enough to slowly penetrate the transparent cage of the light.

Billy slowly stood to his feet, his right vambrace and gauntlet crumbled into dust. While he examined his unexposed appendage said, "Makes sense. I'm right-handed and must lead in with my right."

Emma witnessed the disintegration of her brother's magic armor; she grabbed Olivia's hand and ran toward his direction. "We are coming, Billy!"

But Billy was too far from his little sisters, and without acknowledging them, he launched himself back into the glowing swirl of light. Upon impact, a piece of the shell chipped, and more light escaped with more force than before. The power shoved everyone to the ground, and for a few of the Dark Gnomes erupted into fire.

Olivia was first to her feet and pulled on her sister's hand, while she exclaimed, "C'mon Em! Billy hasn't moved! He needs help!"

Emma shook her head as she stood to her feet. Once collected, she saw Billy was still on his back, most of his armor was gone other than the besagues, breastplate, and tasset. Fear swirled in the pit of her stomach as she cried out, "Billy!"

The sister stood still and watched their older brother for any sort of movement.

"Come on and move, Bro-Bro," Olivia whispered.

"Get up, Billy! Please get up," Emma pleaded. Tears formed in her eyes, while the worst of thoughts crossed her mind.

Finally, the two girls breathed a sigh of relief, and Billy slowly moved and sat up. Part of the glowing swirl of light streamed from the clear casing, it created a soft glow around where he stood. The Dark Gnomes stepped back from the cascade of illumination.

Billy turned and saw the demonic like creatures while they stood at the realm between light and dark. It was that moment in time he knew that the upper hand was his. They flashed their asperous teeth with anger. "You can't touch me, can you?"

The group of Dark Gnomes growled and hissed.

Billy grabbed one of the creatures closest to him and asked, "What happens if you come into the barrier of light?"

He brought the Dark Gnome into the light with him, and it let out a loud cry of pain as it covered its eyes from the blinding light—then without warning crumbled into a clump of dust in Billy's hand. At the sight of their dark comrade's demise, the others bellowed out in fear and ran back into the crepuscular land's safety.

"Billy, are you all right," Emma asked as she and Olivia walked up to him. He launched his hand up and signaled to stop. "What's the matter?"

"Standing in the light unprotected from its rays, stings like a nasty sunburn," Billy explained and smiled at his little sisters.

"How can we help," Emma asked, her words sad.

Billy shook his head. "I have it cracked. One more collision, and it will be destroyed, but when that happens, you two need to cover your eyes."

"Won't that destroy your armor too," Olivia asked, her words too sad.

Billy removed his helmet with a grinned and then nodded. "I am assuming so."

"But what will happen to you," Emma questioned in concern. "Will it..."

"No. No. The magic in the armor allows me to remain here, but I assume once it is no more," Billy said and then paused. He looked at the helmet in his hands and continued, "I will go home. Back to the brother, you know back on Earth."

"But your autism will return," Emma said, now with emotion in her words.

Billy stared down on the helmet as he said, "I have had so many wonderful adventures girls. If this is how my chapter ends in this dimension, so be it. At least I can be a hero to someone here."

"Billy, what makes you think you are not our hero already," Emma said as a tear traced her cheek. "You have always been my hero, big brother."

Despite their brother's warning, the two sisters leaped into the light and embraced Billy.

"This may be the last time I can say this so clearly," Billy said with a sweet smile. "So, I would be remiss to not take the opportunity."

"About what," Olivia asked, while she wasn't entirely sure what Billy had said.

"To tell you two that I love you," Billy said with a sincere smile.

"Wub you too, bro-bro," Olivia responded. With one more hug, Billy gently pushed his sisters back into the darkness.

Billy turned and faced the glowing swirl of light. He placed his helmet back over his head, then one last time turned toward Emma and Olivia. The girls waved good-bye, but their brother responded with a thumbs up. "I'll see you, girls, soon."

With that said, Billy ran toward the glowing swirl of light and jumped toward it for the final time. His chest plate collided with the transparent casing, like a crystal glass that was hit with a hammer, shattered into shards. Emma and Olivia quickly covered their eyes and were knocked off their feet by the force of the light.

Theo turned and witnessed what had happened, Billy disappeared into the light, and it pours outward like water. It hit Emma and Olivia in a wave and moved forward. The Dark Gnomes tried to outrun the moving light but were unable to as they all eventually turned to dusk once the glowing swirl kissed them softly.

Just as quick as it started, it was over.

As the sisters got back to their feet, they saw that they stood in a forest of dead white trees. The ground was covered in a damp moss instead of grass, and as the sun made contact for the first time in living memory, it smelled like an empty fish tank.

They saw their friend Prince Theo as she wandered around blindly as he cried out, "Help! I can't see! Mother warned me about looking at bright lights before! Woe is me! Help! Emma! Olivia! Kén! Woe is me!"

"Come on, Livi," Emma said and moved toward Theo's direction. "We need to help, poor Theo!"

"You know, we could leave him and see how he fairs with any leftover Dark Gnomes," Olivia said with a shrug and a tilt of her head.

Emma stopped and shot Olivia a stern look.

"What," Olivia asked in an innocent tone and button eyes. "It was just a suggestion."

They walked over to Prince Theo as he continued to feel around aimlessly. "Theo, we are here."

Theo paused and asked. "Emma? Olivia? Kén? Is that you?"

Olivia groaned and said, "Dude, you can't see, not can't hear."

"Oh! Oh, right. My bad," Theo said.

"Theo! Girls! Oh, thank goodness," Kén said as he walked from behind a white tree. He held his head and wobbled with movement. "Thank goodness you are all okay."

Olivia ran to Kén and took his hand.

"What happened," Olivia asked as she assisted him toward Emma and Theo.

"I think I was attacked and knocked out," Kén explained. "I was shaken awake."

"The force most likely is what you felt," Theo said as he bobbed, he head around in the direction of Kén's voice.

"That makes sense," Olivia said and patted Kén's hand.

"Livi look," Emma said with excitement as she pointed passed the dead white trees. "On top of that far hill."

Olivia turned, and her eyes grew with excitement as she saw what her sister eyed first. "We're almost there!"

"I cannot see! I cannot see!" Theo whined. "What are we looking at?"

"I agree with dear, Theo," Kén said softly. "All I see is an old run-down shake on top of that hill."

"Exactly, Kén," Emma turned toward him and said with a big smile. "Yoon would have us there often. That is the old Magus, all we have to do is cross the village, and we are there!"

"Easy peasy lemon squeezy," Olivia said excitedly.

To be continued…


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