Review of Unfriended: Dark Web
By: Moviegoer Grim

Hey Boys and Girls! Welcome to this month's movie review! So, after a week of searching the new twenty dollar rentals at the market, I just could not bring myself to drop that kinda cash on what is being offered.

So I decided to review and older movie, but it wasn't until I talked with Jay Montoya that I knew exactly which flick was on the hit list. We were discussing favorite horror movies and I considered doing a review on Little Shop of Horrors (the 1960 version), but Mister Montoya suggested his favorite released in 2018, Stephen Susco's Unfriended: Dark Web!

Okay, here we go… We open to Matias O'Brien who is working on what we think is a new Apple laptop. We find out quickly that the computer in question actually belonged to someone else, as he deleted the name Norah. C. IV and replaced it with his own log in information.

After which, Matias begins to work on a dictation program called, Papaya. As his girlfriend enters the scene, it is learned that the application was created for his deaf girlfriend Amaya, in the hopes that they can converse easier with it. But instead of being flattered with a program designed for her, she becomes angry as she feels it only makes things easier for Matias to understand her.

During all this is happening, Matias continuously receives instant messages from someone named, Erica. But the texts are not for him, but for the previous owner of the computer, Norah.!

Then Matias loads up Skype (the actual program and not a movie version) and calls up his friends in a massive group chat. From here we are introduced to the rest of the cast: You meet Damon, who is a tech genius, then there is my personal favorite, AJ who is the stereotypical conspiracy theorist slash YouTuber. Then the rest of the friends, Lexx a DJ and LGBTQIA+ couple Serena and Nari.

In the process of a group conversation, the laptop continued to reboot on its own, Matias becomes rather pissed as this happens, in a round before another restart, Serena and Nari announced to their friends that they decided to get married and Serena talks about how she wished that she had came out of the closet sooner, because now her mother was dying from brain cancer and was hanging by a thread on life support.

While the group chat continued, Matias learns that Erica, the person who messaged him through out the movie thus far was actually, the previous owner, Nora. In a twist, we discover that Matias lifted the laptop from lost and found (so basically, he stole it), from a local cyber cafe. After being threatened, he caves under pressure and agrees to return the laptop to its rightful owner. As he erases his information, a message comes through about a payment received for a certain video.

Although he knew better, Matias pretends to be the owner of the laptop and engages the mystery man.

Soon as Norah. discovers what Matias was up to, warned he will do anything to get his computer back including killing his friends one by one.

I felt that this movie was very creative as it is presented as if you were logged in on remote access. The entire POV was from the laptop's screen. I enjoyed most of the death scenes, while some were over the top and had to stretch the boundaries of belief, it was still fun.

Honestly, I can see why this is Jay's favorite horror flick as this is possibly the new face of horror in his age group. The acting was entertaining, but each of these actors really pushed their respective ranges in this film as they are generally confined to one location (which is in a chair in the room they started in) through the entire flick.

So, as I sit and tally the marks for this one and I give Unfriended: Dark Web three and a half stars for all the imaginative murders that take place in this movie!

I sincerely want to thank Jay Montoya for the suggestion for this month's movie and if you have a flick in mind you want me to review (before we can get back to new releases), drop me a comment and I will make it happen!

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