Darkness Falls
By: Kevin Magnus

I was alone inside my head,
Feeling forgotten, left for dead.
Days had passed as I lied in bed,
Lost in a complete sense of dread.

As the smell of death visited while I rotted.
My own funeral I sat alone an plotted.
And a will was signed and dotted,
The light at the end was spotted.

I was okay, and consented to die,
I was ready to say to all good-bye.
Even those who are the apple of my eye,
But could I knowingly leave them high and dry?

And then to my surprise those who cared called out to me,
A movement spread headed by the wolf to oversee.
A friendship beyond family that was my guarantee,
Their love cover me like a metaphorical marquee.

But now I stand, clear and strong,
Were I was humanly wrong.
To get me up and moving along,
And once again, they made me belong.

To you who helped me put my eye back on the ball,
So to all my friends, please know that I love you all!


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