Don't Tell
By: S.N. Rodgers

The captain shut off the engine, dropped anchor, then went to join the scientists and divers on deck. The men were in the Bermuda Triangle to research their theory about what was causing ships to disappear in area. Their mission was to locate and measure the releases of methane gas from the bottom of the ocean floor near a shipwreck and to assess the ship's damage.

Scott was the first diver to go under. He sat on the edge of the boat, pulled his mask over his face, then dropped backwards into the deep. He was examining the area carefully, hoping that they selected the right place to dive. He soon came upon the targeted shipwreck. He went to examine the wreckage for signs of damage that could have occurred while the ship was on the surface. In the corner of his eye he saw something unusual back in the shadows. He couldn't make out its form in the murky blue-green water and dim light. He swam a little closer and thought it resembled a large slithering snake. Perhaps it was an eel of some sort, but it disappeared before he could be sure. Scott shone his flashlight in the direction of the creature to see if it would reappear. He waited a few moments, but gave up and returned to his task, checking frequently over his shoulders. He was unnerved which was unlike him.

Just moments later, Scott saw the form again, this time coming at him from over the bow of the shipwreck, but then he realized it looked more like hair than a snake. It was a dark brown color, swirling in the undercurrent. He steadied himself, not sure if he should be afraid, or not. The hair-looking mass came closer to him, causing him to gasp and drop his light. He couldn't believe what he saw next; the hair had a face. It was a beautiful, human, female face with long flowing hair around it. As he tried to control his breathing, two more of the beings came out of the darkness of the shipwreck. One had red hair and the other was a blonde. The ribbons of hair filled the areas around their heads, making them look like slow-moving Medusas. He watched them swim in and out of the beam of light shining up from his flashlight, and he could see what looked like scales instead of legs on their bodies. He was visibly trembling at this point. The dark haired being came within 15 feet of Scott, giving him another fright. She looked him directly in the eyes, then put her index finger to her lips as if to tell him to keep quiet. He froze as she started to swim around him, looking at him with curiosity. She stopped in front of him, smirked, then swam back to the others, then back into the darkness.

When the beings were out of sight, Scott caught his breath, grabbed his flashlight, and returned to the surface. He told the others on the boat what he had seen, and he had two more crewmen reluctantly suit up to see the anomalies for themselves. The three men fell backwards into the water, arriving at the shipwreck where Scott saw the beings. After several minutes, the other two men were just about to diagnose Scott as crazy and head back to the surface when the half-fish half-women creatures came back out of the darkness and cautiously approached the men. The dark haired one came forward and gave Scott an angry, scolding look and rapidly waved her finger back and forth in fervent disapproval. Her beautiful face then contorted into the hideousness of evil. Her eyes turned coal black and her teeth gnashed. She and the other beings started swimming in a coordinated display, weaving in and out, almost as if they were being braided. They swam in -between and all around the men, then moved their aquatic dance to the area beneath the expedition boat. Their graceful movements became faster, and the boat started sinking right before the men's eyes. As the boat got lower, there was a suction that started pulling the divers down with the boat. Only Scott was able to safely get back to the surface of the water. The rest of the expedition's crew tried desperately to swim to the surface but were unable. The scientists, divers, and crew sank slowly to their final resting place on the newest vessel claimed by the sea, becoming one with the mystery.

Scott frantically looked around in the hopes that another boat may be near enough to rescue him, but there were none. He realized he was completely alone and that he was the only survivor of the expedition. Panic ripped through his chest. How could he explain this if he was rescued? Would he dare say that angry mermaids sank the boat and that the rest of the research team was killed by them? What would happen to him if he told about the creatures? Then, not much more than an arms-length away, the dark-haired being made her presence known one last time, popping her head up above the water. Her face was still angry, and her eyes glared into his soul. He was terrified. Then, as if she could read his mind, she again brought her finger to her lips in a final, scathing warning. Her face then relaxed and turned into the beautiful one he saw on the first dive. She smirked, winked wickedly, then disappeared into the sea.

When Scott was finally rescued, he heeded the being's warning and didn't tell the others what he had seen. He wanted to tell of the spectacle, but then more and more people would go down and find their fate. Scott wouldn't have their blood on his hands. He eventually told authorities that he had no memory of what happened.

After months of investigation, Scott was cleared of any wrong-doing, and the event was written up as another unexplained Bermuda Triangle phenomenon.


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