The Right to the Guardian Angel
By: Maria Tonu

Whether we know it,
angels guide and save us

We are all one water and one earth; we have one heaven and a God that we call different, but which is the Creator who always watches over our lives. Every man on earth, regardless of race, culture, sex, age, nation, religion has an angel in heaven. People can have a spiritual communication with angels, through prayer, dialogue, liturgy, deeds, words and good thoughts. We celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angels on October 2.

The first thing that came to Delia's mind, after learning so many wonderful things about the guardian angel, was to prepare an "angelogram" for her family and friends. Delia was happy to read that Archangel Uriel is best known for his wisdom and can help in the creative process, especially writing. He works with those who seek enlightenment. The symbols of Archangel Uriel are the horn of plenty, the lotus and lily flowers, garlands of roses and a pearl in the shell. These symbols, when she thought of them, gave Delia peace of mind. Delia often felt happy. She sometimes had the feeling that the smell of hyacinths always floated in her bedroom, a fragrant air that came especially in the morning. Sources say that at that moment her guardian angel was visiting her.

Faith in the creator must not turn into fanaticism, enrich the popes and worship the bones. Faith must be a force that always keeps us at the level of gratitude for everything we have, at the level of happiness that someone always takes care of our steps. Faith must keep our soul at the level of gratitude for the peace, tranquility, joys and blessings we have and strengthen us not to fall into despair at hard trials. Faith must fill our being with positive and hope. All religions may be respected, and to last as long as they do no harm to anyone. But no one, if he truly believes in the Creator, must descend terror in the faith's name he shares, because that faith is already a fanaticism that gives birth to monsters. Let's not forget what age we live in and what values we promote.

Delia read about a literary contest with the theme: "My Guardian Angel" and wrote the text, sent it and was happy that she discovered so many additional things thanks to this contest.

"My Angel"

I was born in the communist country where God was neglected and banned for some social groups like students, officers, officialdom and party members.

Occasionally I heard the neighbors talk about a "Guardian Angel," but I had no clue what that was or what it meant.

In childhood, I had a frightening nightmare.  I was in my garden planting flowers, and someone started throwing stones to me from the sky. When I looked up, I saw an old man with a gray beard. A furious old man, with anger in his eyes, throwing stones. I don't remember if the stones had hit me or fell around the garden. That I had that nightmare gave me pain of being constantly ignored of everyone and even of God, because I don't have a father. Classmates bullied me constantly: "love child, love child."

But sometimes I felt that someone was always there to help me. I believed that the guardian angel is God, or perhaps my mother. One night, when my mother was away on other realms, I had a dream where my mom said: "Daughter, lock the bedroom door. The craftsman who does the repairs in your house is drunk, he wants to rape you. If you resist it, can kill you." I slept and didn't realize what really happened in my house. Then, my mother came back to my dream and cried out: "Wake up, please. He's near the door." I woke up and quickly rushed to the door, locked the door and returned to bed. At that moment, Martin, the painter, knocked at the door and shouted: "Please, open the door. George is away, I know you're alone, allow me to come in, I want you." I said nothing to him. But I was just ready to hit him in the testicles in the second he broke down the door. My mother taught me not to be afraid if I'm attacked by someone. If it is a man, to pull a leg in his testicles, if she is a woman, to twist a breast with power. As they recover from pain, I must run away as far as my legs hold to escape the danger. Martin barked for a quarter of an hour and left, shouting: "Stay alone, as I always am, and remember this evening when you had a chance."

Then I thought my guardian angel might be George, whom I first saw when I was seven years old, on television. He was nine years old and sang "Santa Lucia." Why George? He was born in Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, Russia. I was born in a village, at the western border, and I always had a dream to marry a pleasant boy from Moscow. To meet a boy from Moscow, I first had to go there to study at University. This was something unreal for me. Competition for a place of study was catastrophically high. Only medalists had a chance. I was not a medalist because I never knew from school that only those that have all their grades five, the highest grade in the Soviet Union, during school ages gets a gold medal that allows you to apply the papers to any educational institution, and you just take an exam instead of four. If you get the mark five, you're enrolled, if you get a four or a three, you pass all the exams. It depends on the balls gathered and the competition, whether you are admitted. I just didn't know and did not become a medalist, I did not have a goal to be medalist, I have a lot of abilities, but not a major focus. An informed man is a protected person. So, I did not know that who have only five in college gets a red diploma. I just didn't know. The blame is mine. So my dream with the bridegroom from Moscow was hiding somewhere in the labyrinth of my dreamer soul. This dream came realistically when I came to live in Canada. Here I met George, the boy from Moscow, who sang "Santa Lucia" on television.

One day, when we were walking through the park, George began singing "Santa Lucia". I said: "I heard this song on TV channel from Moscow."

- Was it Robertino Loreti? Asked her George?

- No, was a Russian boy. I could never forget his smile.

- If you will see the picture of this child, will you remember his smile?  Asked George?

- Yes, I answered.

When we returned home, George showed me a picture. It was an old photograph of a smiling boy who sang "Santa Lucia" at Moscow TV channel.

- You?

- Yes, I was the one singing, answered George.

Unbelievable, but true. The history of our love very surprised both. Miracles happen in life too, not only in stories.

When I read the terms of the contest about the guardian angelic histories, where I wish to apply, I asked myself how to know my guardian angel. Followed by a few days of intense research and I learned that angels are purely spiritual creatures, untouchables, invisible and immortal, personal beings with intelligence and will. Angels bear names (Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel, Raguel, Jophiel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Raziel, Ariel) and are the messengers who unite men with God, and so "people's spokesmen" to God. People receive more guardian angels, depending on the date and day of birth, and on the zodiac sign. I was born on Friday, February 25, so Friday's day is protected by Archangel Uriel. He is known as the angel of wisdom. He shines the light of God's truth into the darkness of confusion. The Pisces sign is protected by Archangel Barachiel. He is considered one seraphim class of angels who guards God's throne, and the leader of all the guardian angels.

I read hundreds of texts about guardian angels, and I understand about their presence everywhere else in my life. How else would I have done over 40 projects in the media, business, social integration? How would I succeed, a girl born in the village, raised only by the tormented mother in a country with so many restrictions, to become a personality on the globe?

I don't know if they would accept my prose at the contest, but I know for sure I have a guardian angel. The contest already has a tremendous impact on my life: it has replaced what has been stolen by a hostile regime to humanity".


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