Way to Go
By: Copper Rose

Way to Go by Copper Rose

"Make sure you take your phone with you in case something happens," Roberta said.

Henry tightened his grip on his jig pole. "What's going to happen?"

"You'll fall through the ice and die?"

"If I die I die. I'd want to go that way."

"Suit yourself," Roberta said as she shuffled off and plopped down in her chair to watch TV. Henry grabbed his tip-ups and a bucket and headed out to go ice fishing.

Henry took his time catching his limit. He enjoyed the day, the warm sun on his face, the clean, fresh winter air, catching a really big one. When his bucket was full he headed home to show Roberta his fantastic catch, only to find her dead in her chair, with her phone in her hand. The TV was blaring.

Henry shook his head as he put the bucket on the table and pulled out his fillet knife. "Glad I didn't die that way."


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