The End of the Beginning
By: Jeff R.Young

What if I had nothing left to say?
What if I put the pen and paper away?
What if my imagination ran dry?
What if I lost the will to try?
What if my eyes were too blind to see?
What if the magic was drained from me?
What if I was broken down to my core?
What if my muse would not dance no more?
What if I became the thing I fear most?
What if I became just another ghost?
What if I lost my only true voice?
What if I died without that last choice?

It's at the edge of night that I would find my peace
There is still a song in my heart that will never cease
All the monsters and magic will live on through me
The voice in the night that sets your imagination free

I will always sing when I have something to say
And I hope I can speak to you in some mystic way
May I weave my magic like some mystical spell
And may your hearts be moved with what stories I tell
What if my soul was never my own?
What if I wrote my very last poem?


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